December 31, 2012 Posted by Daryl Johnson Sovereign Citizen Movement

SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN, [CN]—An antigovernment movement known as Freeman on the Land has become a "major policing problem" in several provinces, according to a threat assessment by Canada's spy officials. The report by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service lists Freeman members among "domestic extremists" who associate with issue-based causes, such as environmentalism, anti-capitalism, anti-globalization and far-right racism. Its adherents fall on both the left and right wings of the political spectrum, but "at the core" of the movement is the belief that "government operates outside of its legal jurisdiction and therefore Freeman members do not recognize the authority of national,   

December 30, 2012 Posted by Daryl Johnson Sovereign Citizen Movement

UNITED STATES, [US]—His name is Craig Douglas Fleshman, though he won't answer to that, just as he no longer carries a driver's license or pays taxes. Pastor Paul Revere doesn't recognize the authority of the State of Oregon, the United States of America, or anyone else that presumes to have some command over him. He answers only to God. Revere and his Embassy of Heaven church in the foothills of Oregon's Cascade Mountains are more seasoned examples of a growing movement of Americans who wish to wipe their hands of their government - not by secession, via those petitions filed in several states since President Obama's reelection - but by declaring the whole system null and void. They ar  

December 29, 2012 Posted by Daryl Johnson Militia Movement

LAS VEGAS, [NV]—A teenager arrested last week with an unloaded assault rifle at a Las Vegas high school has been linked by counterterrorism investigators to another local teenager who federal authorities said stockpiled guns and explosives and spoke about staging a mass casualty attack. Police already looking for 18-year-old Jake Benton Howell when he arrived at his former school on Dec. 21 with 40 rounds of ammunition and a 7.62mm SKS rifle in the back seat of his car. Authorities had been checking reports that associates and friends of Steven Matthew Fernandes, 18, planned an action against the school, Northwest Career and Technical Academy, as revenge for Fernandes being held in federa  

December 28, 2012 Posted by Daryl Johnson White Supremacist Movement

ODESSA, [TX]—Controversial flyers in one Odessa neighborhood is brewing anger over its message. The flyers were passed out on Friday morning by members of the National Socialist Movement (NSM) in the Dawn and Boulder neighborhood. The flyers are calling for a national socialist government and blames third world immigrants and aliens for crippling our economy. One caller stated that he called the police about the flyers. However, he was told what they're doing is legal, since they're not putting them on cars or in mailboxes. View More>>  

December 28, 2012 Posted by Daryl Johnson Media Interviews

UNITED STATES, [US]—Daryl Johnson, a former senior analyst with the Department of Homeland Security, who now heads his own consulting firm, DT Analytics, returns to Democratic Perspective to continue the discussion from last week on the potential for home-grown terrorism. Gary LaMaster joins co-hosts Mike Cosentino and Steve Williamson for a follow-up with Mr. Johnson on domestic right-wing extremism and the potential it represents for acts of violence against the government and civil society. View More>>  

December 27, 2012 Posted by Daryl Johnson Sovereign Citizen Movement

CHICAGO, [IL]—A convicted bank robber captured days after a daring escape from a high-rise jail in downtown Chicago will likely return to the same federal lockup, though this time he'll most likely be held in a special isolation unit. Joseph "Jose" Banks, 37, made an initial appearance in court, shackles on his leg, arms and wrists clanging as he shuffled in. The FBI said Banks was arrested late Thursday, Dec. 20, days after he and another inmate, Kenneth Conley, somehow broke a large hole into the bottom of a 6-inch window of the Metropolitan Correctional Center. During his previous trial, Banks had to be restrained because he threatened to walk out of the courtroom. He verbally sparred   

December 26, 2012 Posted by Daryl Johnson Sovereign Citizen Movement

SALT LAKE CITY, [UT]—Ogden constitutionalist Harvey Goff has pleaded guilty in a plea bargain to federal charges stemming from traffic stops in Ogden almost two years ago. Goff, 55, was indicted in May 2011 for a scheme that amounted to fraud after he filed more than $53 trillion worth of liens against public officials, including two Ogden judges, involved in prosecuting the 2010 speeding citations. One of the minor traffic cases turned into a felony charge for impersonating a public official when Goff claimed to have immunity as some kind of diplomatic agent of the U.S. The charges and case files don't show Goff ever collecting on any of the liens and notices. A spokesperson for the U.S  

December 21, 2012 Posted by Daryl Johnson Chronology of Extremist Attacks/Plots

LAS VEGAS, [NV]—Two teen-aged militia members were arrested for firearms and explosives violations in separate incidents. Federal authorities believe they may have been plotting to kill students and faculty at Northwest Career and Technical Academy, December 21, 2012. View More>>  

December 21, 2012 Posted by Daryl Johnson Extremist Weapons Caches/Arsenals

BOWLING GREEN, [OH]—Richard Schmidt was arrested on Dec. 21 after authorities discovered him possessing a firearm under disability. The FBI was executing warrants on suspicion that Schmidt was trafficking in counterfeit goods out his Woodland Mall business, Spindletop Sports Zone. Authorities seized 18 assault rifles and other firearms, high-capacity ammunition magazines, body armor, and more than 40,000 rounds of ammunition from Schmidt. Schmidt was convicted of manslaughter in 1990. That conviction prohibits Schmidt from possessing firearms, ammunition, or body armor, December 21, 2012. View More>>  

December 21, 2012 Posted by Daryl Johnson Doomsday Prepper

COEUR D'ALENE, [ID]—The Citadel, which arose on the Internet, envisions a walled and armed community in the mountains. The project would be a "martial endeavor designed to protect residents in times of peril" and "built as a fortified bastion of liberty," according to the group's website. Members already created at least one Idaho company to make firearms and employ its residents, but the fate of the project is uncertain, one member said in an email to the media. It isn't clear yet whether it would even be built in Idaho. The plan is to build a community with a fortified castle and firearms museum in addition to typical city features like a bank, jail and library. The complex would have 3