November 30, 2013 Posted by Daryl Johnson Sovereign Citizen Movement

SAN FRANCISCO, [CA]—In response to a call about an "aggressive" male subject trespassing in an apartment building on September 20, 2013, officers arrived and learned that the subject had previously been removed from the premises but continued to return to try to enter locked apartments. This had been going on for four days. The subject was immediately confrontational with the officers, and he refused to show them his hands or submit to being handcuffed. When the officers tried to pat search him for weapons, the subject began to flail his arms around before the officers could get a hold of both. He began screaming, "I'm a Moorish sovereign citizen - I'm a free man," and he lifted his leg  

November 30, 2013 Posted by Daryl Johnson Doomsday Prepper

WILMINGTON, [NC]—Wilmington Police and ATF officers arrested Erik Rudolph Arnebold after an investigation into drugs turned up 24 explosive devices. Detectives say 23 of them were hidden down in a trap door under the house at 4705 Patrick Ave. in Wilmington. Police say they were investigating the 37-year-old for having illegal narcotics. They say during the investigation, evidence showed Arnebold was making explosives, some built with shrapnel (lead shot) inside. Additional items found were materials commonly used for making pipe bombs. A handgun, a rifle, and an extensive amount of ammunition were also located in the home, which police say was constructed much like a fortress with wind  

November 30, 2013 Posted by Daryl Johnson Domestic Extremism

LINCOLN, [NE]—Miriam Thimm Kelle has forgiven Timothy Haverkamp for his part in the torture and murder of her brother, and said he deserves the opportunity to live out from under the thumb of the criminal justice system. She is supporting a recent application Haverkamp turned into the Nebraska Board of Pardons asking to be let off his lifetime parole. The board plans to meet Dec. 11 at the Capitol to decide whether it will grant him a commutation hearing. In 1985, Haverkamp pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for his role in the death of 26-year-old James Thimm, a fellow member of a survivalist cult led by Michael Ryan from a farm north of Rulo. A jury convicted Ryan of first-degree  

November 28, 2013 Posted by Daryl Johnson Hate Crime-General

HAMILTON, ONTARIO, [CN]—Hamilton police have laid charges in a 12-year-old hate crime that garnered international attention and scarred the city's reputation in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. At a morning press conference in the $2-million Hindu temple that rose from the ashes of a smaller temple destroyed in an early-morning arson on Sep. 15, 2001, a police spokesperson announced charges of arson to property, possession of incendiary material and mischief of $5,000 against three Hamilton men: Christopher Pollard, 33; Scott Ryan, 33; and Damien Marsh, 34. The firebombing of the Hindu Samaj Temple was one of the worst examples of post-9/11 "revenge" attacks anywhere in North Americ  

November 27, 2013 Posted by Daryl Johnson Sovereign Citizen Movement

SPRINGDALE, [OH]—Robert Carr finds vacant houses and asks the courts to declare him the legal owner without paying a dime by filing a "quiet title" action. Carr is claiming he lives in the properties, everyone knows he lives there and he has lived there long enough to gain the legal right to own it despite having another person say they own the property. He wants a judge to void the other person's claim on the house. The Ohio revised code defines "quiet title" as: An action brought by a person in possession of real property against any person who claims "an interest" adverse to him for the purpose of determining such adverse interest. Carr is trying to gain ownership of dozens of abando  

November 26, 2013 Posted by Daryl Johnson Sovereign Citizen Movement

CARPENTERSVILLE, [IL]—A 63-year-old Carpentersville man has been sentenced to six months in jail - accused of filing official-looking documents which authorities say were anything but official. The charge against Robert D. Sperlazzo: "Direct criminal contempt." The Kane County State's Attorney says Sperlazzo filed more than 30 documents. "Claiming to be things like court orders and arrest warrants and judgments against the sheriff. All were fraudulent documents made up by Sperlazzo. The State's Attorney says that Speriazzo does not consider himself a sovereign citizen. View More>>  

November 26, 2013 Posted by Daryl Johnson Suspicious Activity

SAN TAN VALLEY, [AZ]—Pinal County authorities say they found explosive devices and grenades in a San Tan Valley home while investigating an alleged assault. The county Sheriff's Office received a call Saturday from a Washington state man who said his mother had been involved in an argument with her other son. The man says 51-year-old Wesley Boles alleged put a gun to his mother's head. A criminal history check showed Boles was a prohibited possessor of a firearm because he has two felony convictions. Detectives and SWAT team members served a search warrant on the residence. They reported finding 28 firearms, two 37 mm rocket-propelled grenades, five homemade explosive devices, a detonator  

November 25, 2013 Posted by Daryl Johnson Sovereign Citizen Movement

BOZEMAN, [MT]—Ernie Tertelgte of Manhattan, Montana, was found guilty on Friday on two charges related to fishing without a license in a trial that saw him being removed early in the trial in handcuffs. Tertelgte, 52, represented himself against misdemeanor charges of obstructing a peace officer and resisting arrest. Before the jury was even selected, Tertelgte objected to the proceedings several times, and he was taken from the courtroom in handcuffs after the judge had deputies remove him. Tertelgte then watched the court proceedings from a nearby room via video. The charges stem from an Aug. 31 incident in which a game warden attempted to cite Tertelgte for fishing without a license. A  

November 22, 2013 Posted by Daryl Johnson Sovereign Citizen Movement

TAMPA, [FL]—He was caught with what was described as an arsenal of weapons and ammunition, and what may be even more shocking is that he believed he was above the law. Hillsborough County deputies say Eric Holtgard terrorized a car dealership and a lawn maintenance man over a two-day period. Deputies say he considered himself a "sovereign citizen," basically someone that doesn't have any belief in the government or laws. Holtgard is now in jail after deputies say he terrorized a car dealership and a local lawn maintenance man. Deputies arrested him twice in two days. The second time was in front of his mother's home, where detectives found assault rifles, handguns, a shotgun, and armor  

November 21, 2013 Posted by Daryl Johnson Sovereign Citizen Movement

ALBANY, [NY]—Gregory J. Foland is accused of evading taxes, but he is apparently no slouch at evading questions. The reputed member of the anti-government sovereign citizen movement refused to answer questions at his arraignment before an Albany County judge on Wednesday - and referred to the judge by his first name. Foland, 46, of Colonie, also referred to himself as a 'friend" of the court in an appearance that ended with the judge holding him in contempt of court. Foland is accused of failing to file personal income taxes in 2005, 2006, and 2007. He appeared before the judge twice Wednesday - the second appearance was because he refused to answer questions the first time. View More&