August 29, 2015 Posted by Daryl Johnson Sovereign Citizen Movement

UNITED STATES, [US]--Two men with ties to the New Black Panther Party were charged with acquiring weapons in what was later revealed to be a plot to kill two public officials and blow up a police station. The two pleaded guilty in June and will be sentenced Thursday in federal court in St. Louis. And in a lesser-known twist, one of the African-American defendants is an adherent of a movement that has its origins in racist and anti-Semitic beliefs. Olajuwon Ali Davis is a “Moorish national” — an offshoot of the sovereign citizen movement. Experts and authorities say the case illustrates the changing face of the movement, whose members believe the government is corrupt and out of control  

August 27, 2015 Posted by Daryl Johnson Hate Crime-General

NORTH FORSYTH, [GA]--A northwest Forsyth couple lost a vehicle to fire early Wednesday morning, nearly two months after their home was the target of what authorities described as an anti-gay hate crime. According to a Forsyth County Sheriff’s report, the small passenger car was fully engulfed in flames when deputies arrived about 1:55 a.m. at the home in a neighborhood off Hurt Bridge Road. The homeowners told deputies they had not seen anyone approach the residence and did not walk in the yard themselves. Footprints were tracked into the woods behind the home. Teenagers have reportedly caused problems for the homeowners in the past, including throwing toilet paper in the yard and making s  

August 27, 2015 Posted by Daryl Johnson Antigovernment Extremism-General

HELENA, [MT]--Federal prosecutors asked a judge on Tuesday to prevent two miners and their armed supporters from blocking access to public land and threatening government officials over a dispute with the U.S. Forest Service in western Montana. The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Helena also seeks a declaration that miners George Kornec and Phil Nappo illegally opened a road, cut down trees, built a garage and denied the public the right to access the White Hope mine near Lincoln. Prosecutors and the Forest Service want a U.S. District Judge to declare the miners are acting illegally because they don’t have surface land rights to their mining claims. Prosecutors also want an order   

August 27, 2015 Posted by Daryl Johnson Black Supremacist Movement

HEMPSTEAD, [TX]--Dozens of heavily armed demonstrators rallied in Southeast Texas to protest the arrest and jail-cell death of a black woman arrested after a confrontation with a white state trooper during a traffic stop. About 25 demonstrators led by the New Black Panther Party marched Wednesday afternoon outside the Waller County jail in Hempstead. A riot response team of mounted Harris County sheriff’s deputies from Houston looked on. Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old Chicago-area woman, was found dead in her jail cell July 13, three days after her arrest, in what authorities say was suicide. Bland’s family has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against officials, including the trooper who stop  

August 26, 2015 Posted by Daryl Johnson White Supremacist Movement

WILKES-BARRE, [PA]--The flier appeared at a Brown Street house one recent day, wrapped in a Ziploc bag and weighted down by dry white rice. “I am proud to be black; said the black man,” the flier says. “I am proud to be Asian; said the Asian. I am proud to be white; said the racist. Stop the double standards. Help us fight white racism, illegal immigration and terrorism.” The number for a “hotline” included on the flier connects to the East Coast Knights of the True Invisible Empire, a group whose website features a Confederate battle flag, a Ku Klux Klan emblem and a hooded Klansman pointing like Uncle Sam: “The KKK Wants You!” The fliers, which display the KKK emblem, have   

August 25, 2015 Posted by Daryl Johnson Tax Resister

OMAHA, [NE]--Chet Lee West, 59, of Nebo, North Carolina, still is convinced he found a loophole in the federal tax code that doesn’t require him to pay income taxes. Six months after West was convicted of three counts of felony tax evasion, he makes daily phone calls from jail to his supporters, claiming he has beat the federal government. During these calls, West encourages others to forgo paying income taxes, just as he had done before he was convicted during a jury trial in February. On Tuesday, West, who acted as his own attorney, asked a federal judge to release him and not require him to pay his tax liability. He also asked the judge to expunge his record of all crimes. He spewed ant  

August 23, 2015 Posted by Daryl Johnson Sovereign Citizen Movement

ST. HELENA, [CA]--A traffic stop Friday night north of St. Helena led to the arrests of a man and woman on allegations of drug sales and transport, according to the Napa County Sheriff's Office. At 8:25 p.m., deputies stopped a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD pickup in the 2000 block of Silverado Trail south of Deer Park Road, Sgt. Jon Crawford reported. When a deputy approached the truck's open driver-side door, the driver, 34-year-old Adam Baughman of Weaverville, initially closed and locked the door and refused to give any information, claiming to be a "sovereign citizen" not subject to local, state or federal law, according to Crawford. Deputies eventually unlocked the pickup and found t  

August 21, 2015 Posted by Daryl Johnson Militia Movement

MUSKOGEE, [OK]--The Muskogee County sheriff said a member of the group guarding an Oktaha gun shop accidentally shot himself Tuesday, August 18, 2015. Authorities said  the man dropped his gun and a bullet hit him in the arm. The sheriff did not identify the man or offer any other details about what happened. Last week that that the Council on American-Islamic Relations filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice regarding the Save Yourself Survival and Tactical gear store in Oktaha, which has displayed a sign declaring itself a "Muslim-free" business View More>>  

August 20, 2015 Posted by Daryl Johnson Suspicious Activity

WICHITA, [KS]--Authorities have placed 20-year-old Moises R. Trevizo under arrest after he allegedly brought a small improvised explosive device into a women’s health care clinic Monday afternoon. He was booked into the Sedgwick County Jail on charges of unlawful possession of an explosive. Wichita Police Department spokesman Jame Espinoza says Trevizo was applying for a job. Espinoza says on-site security inspected a backpack the man brought in and found knives and the explosive device in a pill bottle. Police say the man had just moved out of a house and everything he owned was in the backpack.  He said a friend had made the device earlier. Clinic staff evacuated the building, and a bo  

August 20, 2015 Posted by Daryl Johnson Militia Movement

LAREDO, [TX]--A man who claimed to be a member of the Texas militia was arrested early Wednesday near Zacate Creek for unlawful carrying of a weapon and possessing prohibited weapons, Laredo police said. The 20-year-old man — wearing a green camouflage uniform — claimed to be from the Texas militia and had a long rifle with a banana clip, a Glock handgun, two knives, a baton and mace. He was charged with two counts of unlawful carrying of a weapon and two counts of possessing a prohibited weapon. View More>>