December 31, 2015 Posted by Daryl Johnson Sovereign Citizen Movement

BELLEVUE, [WA]--A Bellevue man faces charges of Terroristic Threats and Use of a Weapon to Commit a Felony in connection with an incident that began to unfold at the Bellevue Police Department Thursday morning. Police say that at 9:11 a.m. James Casale, 36, of Bellevue, entered the lobby of the Police Department wearing a Guy Fawkes mask below his chin and he had a Katana Sword slung across his body. As officers were attempting to assist Casale, he explained that he was upset about a California law giving Police Officers the right to remove weapons from a citizen if they believed the person was a danger to themselves or others. Police say he continued to inquire about what would happen in   

December 31, 2015 Posted by Daryl Johnson White Supremacist Movement

LEXINGTON, [NC]--The Lexington Police Department is still looking into the distribution of Ku Klux Klan fliers in yards across Lexington on Dec 24. While police officials do not believe any further incident will come as a result of the fliers, they remain cautious for further activity. Police said multiple Lexington residents called in on Christmas Eve complaining about the plastic baggies that were laying in yards around town. Each bag was filled with rice to keep them from blowing away and included a “recruitment flier” for the group. Police called the incident “unfortunate” but said they are now taking the fliers as an isolated incident. Similar fliers have been reported in neigh  

December 30, 2015 Posted by Daryl Johnson Militia Movement

BURNS, [OR]--The strangers carrying the whisper of danger arrived in the vast territory of the Harney Basin just before the holidays. Ammon Bundy once helped his father repulse the government in an armed showdown on a Nevada desert. He was Tasered for his effort. Ryan Payne, an electrician from Montana, joined that same standoff and boasted of organizing civilians into sniper squads that drew a bead on federal agents. And not long ago, Jon Ritzheimer worried the FBI with his threatening rants against Muslims in Arizona and elsewhere. Now, the men say, they are in Burns to help Dwight and Steven Hammond. The Hammonds are father and son ranchers, due to report to federal prison on Monday.  

December 30, 2015 Posted by Daryl Johnson Suspicious Activity

HOUSTON, [TX]--Federal investigators say that there is no evidence that a two-alarm fire at a Houston mosque was a hate crime. Investigators with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said the cause of the fire at the Savoy Mosque is incendiary. Investigators continue to work around the clock and say that this is a fluid, active investigation. Firefighters with the Houston Fire Department initially responded to the fire Friday afternoon. The fire was put out shortly after crews arrived on the scene and no injuries were reported. The FBI is not involved in the investigation, because there’s no evidence this was a hate crime [Comment: Gary Nathaniel Moore was arrested   

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EVERETT, [MA]--A 53-year-old man accused of holding cops at bay for five hours Christmas Day had cocked his gun and was delivering an anti-government rant when he told a police negotiator that “he would take us out,” Everett police said. Mark Lavoine, who is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a building and disorderly conduct, had refused to listen to police demands to show his hands Friday when they 
entered his Everett Summer Street home, police said. He instead ran to an upstairs bedroom and locked the door. Cops said they “heard the sound of a gun being cocked,” a police 
report said. Officers left the second floor while  

December 29, 2015 Posted by Daryl Johnson Militia Movement

BETHEL, [AK]--With National Guard recruitment numbers at a low in Alaska and concerns for Arctic security at a high, Gov. Bill Walker wants to start a new line of defense across the state. He’s included $2.3 million in his proposed budget for the project, and he wants this new force to begin in Bethel. Walker wants to create a military model of the first of its kind in the nation. It’d be a rural branch of the state militia called a scout battalion. Its purpose is to have local people with local knowledge on the ground, ready and trained to respond to natural and human-caused disasters. He said the number of National Guard recruits have dwindled over the decades in Alaska. For insta  

December 29, 2015 Posted by Daryl Johnson Hate Crime-General

HOUSTON, [TX]--Darryl Ferguson is in the visitation area at the Harris County Jail, where he awaits trial in the burning of a south Houston mosque in February 2015. He's wearing an orange jail uniform and has only 20 minutes to plead his case to a visitor. Minutes into the conversation, he pauses and looks over his square spectacles to emphasize his point. The 56-year-old homeless man with a drinking problem made headlines last year when he rode a bicycle up to an arson investigator and admitted he started a blaze that destroyed a storage building at the Quba Islamic Institute in south Houston. The story became international news when reports emerged that he had allegedly told a store cle  

December 28, 2015 Posted by Daryl Johnson Media Interviews

UNITED STATES, [US]--Daryl Johnson, who was lead analyst for domestic terrorism at the Department of Homeland Security from 2004 to 2010 and the primary author of a 2009 DHS report warning about a rise of rightwing extremist threats, told ThinkProgress that the federal government, for the past several years, has been hesitant to label acts of domestic terrorism as such. “There seems to be a disconnect as to what constitutes terrorism within government, particularly if it’s of the non-Muslim variety,” he said. And while there is a lot of attention given by the public and the media to the ISIS threat, “to date we have had very few incidents of ISIS-related terrorism in the United Stat  

December 28, 2015 Posted by Daryl Johnson Hate Crime-General

LAS VEGAS, [NV]--Muslims are on edge as authorities search for the suspect behind what is now being called a hate crime. The Las Vegas Muslim community is stunned after a vandal targeted a Spring Valley Mosque over the weekend. Police say raw bacon was wrapped on door handles outside Masjid-e-Tawheed. Surveillance video shows worshipers finding the pork Sunday just before their early morning prayer. "The pork, the bacon it's forbidden which is haram in Islam to eat it or touch it," says a Mosque member. Video shows that at 3:17 a.m., a man tossed bacon at the backdoor of the mosque. Seconds later the same man is seen at the front door doing the same thing. At one point he struggles to ope  

December 27, 2015 Posted by Daryl Johnson Hate Crime-General

TRACY, [CA]--Members of the Muslim community in Tracy were stunned by a brazen attack on a house of worship -- the Islamic Center. While congregants gathered to worship on Sunday, many also prayed that authorities will find whoever firebombed their mosque early Saturday morning with a Molotov cocktail. A wine bottle containing a rag and accelerant exploded when it hit the Islamic Center, causing fire damage to the building, investigators said. No one was inside, and no one was hurt. Congregants at the Islamic Center have little doubt their mosque was targeted because of religious bigotry. The center's surveillance camera was not operational at the time of the attack, so there are no images o