October 31, 2016 Posted by Daryl Johnson Animal Rights Extremism

MISSOULA, [MT]--Officials with a Missoula farming non-profit say their staff continues to field threatening calls and e-mails days after their facility was vandalized. Police contacted Garden City Harvest Sunday morning to let them know someone had vandalized their building. Staff arrived to find the word “murderer” and the abbreviation ALF written in red paint on the front of their main office. Executive Director Jean Zosel says “ALF” may stand for the Animal Liberation Front, an animal rights group known for its use of illegal direct action. Zosel says the attack may be a result of a group of pigs the farm raises and harvests at the PEAS Farm in Missoula. She says the pigs a  

October 31, 2016 Posted by Daryl Johnson Conspiracy Theories

COFFEE COUNTY, [GA]--Two south Georgia men are accused of plotting domestic terrorism based on bizarre conspiracy theories. Coffee County Sheriff's investigators arrested Michael Mancil, 30, and James Dryden Jr., 22, on Thursday.  Officials said the suspects planned to penetrate a research facility in Alaska that has been the subject of several conspiracy theories.  Investigators said the massive amount of arsenal seized looked like something out of a movie, one where a small army was headed to war. But Coffee County investigators said the two Douglas men collected dozens of weapons as part of a plan to attack the High Frequency Active Aural Research Facility or HAARP. The form  

October 29, 2016 Posted by Daryl Johnson White Supremacist Movement

COUDERSPORT, [PA]--An Aryan Strikeforce leader in Potter County was sent to jail Thursday on $100,000 bail, arrested for guns and drugs allegedly found at his residence when it was being searched by state parole officers. Ronald “Dozer” Pulcher II, 34, of 19 Kline Road, Galeton, is charged with conspiracy of possession with the intent to sell drugs and possession with the intent to sell drugs, both unclassified felonies; prohibited possession of a firearm, a second-degree felony; and possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, unclassified misdemeanors. On Wednesday, parole officers went to the residence to search for firearms. A parole agent allegedly saw marijuana p  

October 28, 2016 Posted by Daryl Johnson Militia Movement

ALBANY, [NY]--The FBI says a man forming a militia in Greene County wanted to attack federal buildings in Albany. Robert Twiss is being held without bail. The FBI launched its investigation after it learned Twiss was forming or had formed a militia that had violent intentions. An informant posed as someone interested in joining and recorded Twiss. Investigators say Twiss talked about killing dozens of people, and using a Molotov cocktail on an FBI building in Albany. He's also accused of plotting to cripple a FEMA building in Albany, which doesn't exist. Twiss was taken into custody on Sunday. View More>>  

October 28, 2016 Posted by Daryl Johnson Media Interviews

PORTLAND, [OR]--As “patriots” rejoice over the acquittals of the leaders of a 41-day armed occupation at a national wildlife refuge in Oregon, the mood among those who monitor extremist groups is anything but gleeful. Thursday’s jaw-dropping jury verdict in the federal Oregon standoff trail, they said, could embolden anti-government extremists and lead to an uptick in violence across the country. Federal prosecutors had charged brothers Ammon and Ryan Bundy and five others with conspiring to prevent federal employees from doing their jobs through intimidation, threat or force during the occupation earlier this year of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. On Thursday, a federal jury in  

October 28, 2016 Posted by Daryl Johnson Domestic Extremism

UNITED STATES, [US]--Big crowds still mob Donald J. Trump when he comes to town, with fans waiting in long lines to attend his rallies, where they eagerly jeer his Democratic rival and holler happily at his message. But beneath the cheering, a new emotion is taking hold among some Trump supporters as they grapple with reports predicting that he will lose the election: a dark fear about what will happen if their candidate is denied the White House. Some worry that they will be forgotten, along with their concerns and frustrations. Others believe the nation may be headed for violent conflict. Jared Halbrook, 25, of Green Bay, Wis., said that if Mr. Trump lost to Hillary Clinton, which he w  

October 27, 2016 Posted by Daryl Johnson Antigovernment Extremism-General

BOULDER, [CO]--All indicators point to America being on the brink of a new harvest of rage; that’s to say, a new and likely larger wave of antigovernment violence than that which we experienced some two decades ago. And as much as people would like to blame this increasing domestic militancy solely on Donald Trump, the narcissist developer from New York City who is currently running for president of the United States, that would be a mistake. It’s not that simple. I’m not trying to sensationalize our current political season. I’ll leave that to cable news. This analysis is about far more than the Trump/Clinton race for the presidency. When it comes to domestic terrorism and the curr  

October 26, 2016 Posted by Daryl Johnson Media Interviews

UNITED STATES, [US]--Donald Trump’s claim that the upcoming election is rigged against him is without precedent in modern US history. The potential consequences are bigger than you think. The GOP candidate’s talk of “millions” of fraudulent votes and his commitment to only accept the election results “if I win” don’t sound like the words of a typical American politician, and for good reason: The typical American politician has faith in the system, accepts the results of an election, and moves on. Trump is doing something very different, pairing rhetoric about a rigged election with a message that basically says it’s him or the apocalypse. He has repeatedly warned his fans tha  

October 25, 2016 Posted by Daryl Johnson Suspicious Activity

AGOURA HILLS, [CA]--A 40-year-old Agoura Hills man who twice called a regional Muslim center and threatened to kill people there has been arrested, and a large arsenal was found at his home, Los Angeles police said Tuesday. Mark Feigin was arrestedOct. 19 on suspicion of making terrorist threats after being identified as the man who made phone threats against the Islamic Center of Southern California in Koreatown, according to Los Angeles Police Department Cmdr. Horace Frank. Representatives of the Islamic Center, which first announced Feigin's arrest, joined LAPD at a news conference at police headquarters Tuesday. Feigin first called the center Sept. 19, leaving a voicemail that was   

October 23, 2016 Posted by Daryl Johnson Suspicious Activity

MANDAN, [ND]--Law enforcement officials fired at an unmanned aircraft and a group of Dakota Access pipeline opponents twice blocked a North Dakota state highway Sunday, capping a weekend of protests. A helicopter helping monitor a protest against the four-state pipeline Sunday morning was approached by a drone in a “threatening manner,” the Morton County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. An officer in the helicopter told law enforcement on the ground that the pilot and passengers were “in fear of their lives” and that the unmanned aircraft was going after them. Less-than-lethal ammunition damaged the drone, which was then landed by its operator. Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kir