May 4, 2017 Posted by Daryl Johnson Anarchist Movement

PHILADELPHIA, [PA]--The targets of a group of vandals that smashed windows and spray-painted symbols in an up-and-coming Philadelphia neighborhood was unmistakable: Police say the group of so-called "anarchists" attacked only high-end cars and the recently remodeled or built homes and businesses in Philadelphia's resurgent Kensington neighborhood Monday night. "They left us some messages that said that they weren't happy with our gentrification and they weren't happy with us building," Amberlynn Kabana, property manager of one of the damaged buildings. One message, "Gentrification is Death, Revolt is Life," was left behind in the form of a banner displayed on one of the buildings and homes   

May 4, 2017 Posted by Daryl Johnson White Supremacist Movement

AUSTIN, [TX]--Authorities are searching for a convicted bank robber, and member of a white supremacist group, who is on the run for a second time. Sean Wallace was initially arrested in 2011 for robbing a bank in South Austin. He served his time in jail and was supposed to serve an additional three years on parole. But Wallace violated his parole. He was featured on CBS Austin's Marshals Most Wanted segment and was arrested thanks to a viewer's tip in December of 2016. Authorities know him for his tattoos and his affiliation with a white supremacist group. The U.S. Marshals believe he poses a danger to the Central Texas community. View More>>  

May 4, 2017 Posted by Daryl Johnson Sovereign Citizen Movement

GREAT FALLS, [MT]--A Montana man sentenced to one to five years in prison Wednesday was offered probation, but argued his way into prison. An audio recording of the hearing depicts a bizarre proceeding that saw Daryl Laray Johnson argue that he is a “Moorish National” and therefore an Idaho judge had no jurisdiction over him. Moor, in this instance, refers to a religious sect formed in the 1920s on the belief that African-Americans were descended from the Moors of north Africa and are members of the Islamic faith. Adherents also believe Moors were America’s indigenous inhabitants and are entitled to self-governance. Johnson, 32, of Great Falls, pleaded guilty March 1 to possession of m  

May 4, 2017 Posted by Daryl Johnson Suspicious Activity

SIOUX FALLS, [SD]--Law enforcement officers have stepped up patrols around an oil pipeline site in Minnehaha County after vandalism was discovered. Authorities say vandals broke through a chain link fence recently that surrounds an above-ground section of the Dakota Access pipeline near Highway 19, north of Humboldt. A valve inspector has since repaired a hole, but authorities say it's still a safety issue because any tampering can cause extreme situations, such as an explosion. The sheriff's department has notified the FBI. The sheriff's department is encouraging any citizen that sees something suspicious to report it. Authorities are also investigating an incident of vandalism against the