September 1, 2017 Posted by Daryl Johnson White Supremacist Movement

CONCORD, [NH]--New Hampshire authorities say an escaped inmate with tattoos covering his shaved head, face, neck, chest, arm and hands has been arrested in Pennsylvania, three days after he failed to return to a halfway house. The U.S. Marshals’ New Hampshire Joint Fugitive Task Force says 42-year-old Eric Judkins was found at a residence in Howard, Pennsylvania, on Thursday night. He was arrested without incident, as was another man wanted on a probation violation. Judkins, who failed to return to a halfway house on Monday night, was serving part of a 27-month sentence for assault on a fellow inmate in federal prison. Authorities say the assault happened while Judkins was serving a 17½-y  

September 1, 2017 Posted by Daryl Johnson Domestic Terrorism

WASHINGTON, [DC]--In the last days of the Obama presidency, the Department of Homeland Security awarded a $400,000 grant to Life After Hate, a nonprofit dedicated to helping right-wing extremists move away from radical ideas. Five months later, the organization learned that the Trump administration had rescinded its funding. In light of the violence in Charlottesville, this decision appears tragically shortsighted. It also underlines the indifference of President Trump and his administration toward the problem of far-right violence. The Department of Homeland Security initially announced Life After Hate’s grant as part of its program on “Countering Violent Extremism,” or CVE — an eff  

September 1, 2017 Posted by Daryl Johnson Media Interviews

UNITED STATES, [US]--The criminal charges coming out of the Charlottesville, Va., last month, may perfectly describe the offenses – murder, discharging a firearm, malicious wounding – but the term terrorism is not mentioned. The United States doesn’t have a domestic terrorism charge that can be lodged against individuals or organizations that operate wholly within the country. The FBI doesn’t have a unit specifically dedicated to tracking the violent extreme right. In September, the Justice Department’s State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training (SLATT) program, which has trained more than 142,000 law enforcement officers in how to deal with domestic terrorists, will run out of fundin