November 10, 2017 Posted by Daryl Johnson Media Interviews

THORNTON, [CO]--Last week, a 47-year-old man allegedly walked into a Walmart north of Denver and shot several shoppers, killing three. You probably didn’t hear about this shooting, since it happened on the day after a terrorist attack in Manhattan, which killed eight, and a few days before a church shooting in Texas, in which 26 people died. But evidence is growing that Scott Ostrem, the accused shooter, was motivated by his hatred of Latinos. Numerous media outlets have reported that Ostrem, who is accused of killing three people of Hispanic descent, had long expressed hatred toward the Hispanic community. Ostrem “was very racist towards Hispanics,” one of his neighbors told local med  

November 10, 2017 Posted by Daryl Johnson Militia Movement

MINNEAPOLIS, [MN]--Minnesota’s militia groups are active, but their movements are almost never seen by the general public. Through public records and interviews, the Fox 9 Investigators got a rare look at one of the groups. Joshua Raider is a commanding officer in the United Patriots of Minnesota 3% and one of the few willing to talk about the movement publicly. He said people told him not to do an interview. His brother video-taped the conversation between Raider and the Fox 9 Investigators. When asked what the group stands for he replied: “Protecting community, gun rights, the 2nd amendment, that kind of stuff. Pretty straight up stuff.” The name, 3 Percenters, comes from the Americ  

November 10, 2017 Posted by Daryl Johnson White Supremacist Movement

COLUMBUS, [OH]--A federal judge has refused to give court-ordered permission for attorneys to question a neo-Nazi website publisher’s relatives about the man’s whereabouts. A Muslim-American radio host’s lawyers have been searching in vain for The Daily Stormer’s publisher, Andrew Anglin, since they filed a libel lawsuit against him in August. They want to ask Anglin’s father and brother under oath if they know where he is living, so he can be served with a copy of the suit. U.S. Magistrate Judge Elizabeth A. Preston Deavers denied that request on Thursday, saying the “prejudice” to Anglin’s relatives outweighs the need for such testimony. Deavers also refused to authorize su