January 8, 2018 Posted by Daryl Johnson Antigovernment Extremism-General

LAS VEGAS, [NV]--A federal judge ruled Monday that the federal government may not retry Cliven Bundy and his sons after rebuking prosecutors for withholding evidence during their felony trial stemming from an armed standoff four years ago. U.S. District Court Judge Gloria Navarro declared a mistrial in the case last month, saying federal prosecutors willfully withheld evidence that lawyers for the Bundys and alleged co-conspirator Ryan Payne should have had access to while mounting their defense. She said the attorneys were in violation of the Brady rule, which requires prosecutors to disclose evidence that could be favorable to a defendant, and told them it wasn’t possible to proceed wit  

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BERKELEY, [CA]--A California court has ordered noted Antifa activist Yvette Felarca to pay over $11,000 in damages to former Berkeley College Republicans President Troy Worden. The ruling, issued Wednesday, comes after a restraining order filed against Worden by Felarca was dropped in October, prompting Worden and his lawyer, Mark Meuser, to sue Felarca for damages and attorney fees. Worden, who has made numerous appearances on national media in his capacity as a Campus Reform correspondent to discuss his ongoing battles with the Berkeley administration and who was voted a winner of Campus Reform's 2017 Higher Ed Heroes Award, remarked at the time that "Felarca's frivolous legal actions wer  

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GRAND JUNCTION, [CO]--The attorney representing a Grand Junction anti-government zealot accused of attempting to defraud the federal government and various financial institutions described her client's actions as part of a quasi-religious belief system this week in federal court. Grand Junction resident Rocky Hutson was indicted on multiple fraud-related counts by a federal grand jury in June 2016, and took his case to trial this week. Federal investigators believe Hutson — who in 2014 was barred from running for Mesa County sheriff because of a felony theft conviction — filed multiple claims with the U.S. Department of Agriculture in an effort to get the department to pay personal debts  

January 8, 2018 Posted by Daryl Johnson Anarchist Movement

CHARLESTON, [SC]--Charleston Police have arrested a 22-year-old woman after officers say she vandalized at least six homes and buildings on the peninsula with anti-police and anarchist graffiti. Makenzie Leigh Ruppe is in jail at the Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center after being arrested Sunday, Jan. 6, on six charges of malicious damage to property. According to police, Ruppe spray-painted graffiti at the TD Bank on Calhoun Street, two houses on Charlotte Street, the New Tabernacle Fourth Baptist Church on Elizabeth Street, and both a house and a business on Washington Street. Some of the images and phrases police say Ruppe tagged the buildings with include “Kill Capitalism, Kill Cops,