January 14, 2018 Posted by Daryl Johnson Domestic Extremism

CHARLOTTESVILLE, [VA]--Following a pair of lawsuit filings in October, new plaintiffs have joined the suits against various independent militia groups, white nationalists and organizers of the ill-fated Unite the Right rally in August. The two recently amended complaints also claim that similarly violent demonstrations could happen again soon. One of the complaints, filed in Charlottesville Circuit Court, is intended to stop non-state-sanctioned paramilitary activities. The other complaint, filed in federal court, alleges a conspiracy to violate the civil rights of counter-protesters who were allegedly intimidated and assaulted by rally-goers wishing to commit acts of violence against ethnic  

January 14, 2018 Posted by Daryl Johnson White Supremacist Movement

DENISON, [TX]--It happened at unit number nine at the Tower Lane apartments in Denison.┬áDocuments state management found 35 year-old Matthew Kyle William's body on the couch in a pool of blood Thursday morning, December 21, 2017. Neighbors we spoke with said the night before, they thought they heard a gunshot and saw a car speed off near unit number nine. A day later, Sherman Police arrested 31 year-old Manuel Miguel Wise at the Motel Six in Sherman for murder. Documents state Williams was temporarily staying with the two people at unit nine and when they asked Williams to move out, he refused. Instead of calling police or their landlord, those residents started calling friends who put them