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PORTLAND, [OR]--Brent Luyster was convicted of killing 3 people in a Woodland home in 2016 by a jury that deliberated more than a day on the charges. The jury found the 37-year-old Luyster guilty on all charges on Friday morning — 3 counts of aggravated murder, one count of attempted murder and 2 counts of unlawful possession of a weapon, Clark County Prosecuting Attorney said. Luyster fatally shot Joseph Mark Lamar, Zachary Thompson and Janell Renee Knight on July 15, 2016 in Woodland. A fourth person, Breanne Leigh, was shot and survived. The family believes Luyster killed Lamar, Knight and Thompson because of a federal investigation circling around him. Nunn said Luyster thought he ki  

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LOS ANGELES, [CA]--Volunteer firefighter Johnny Phommathep could hear the trouble next door loud and clear. The screaming. The threats. The gunfire. It was all too clear what could happen. And then it did happen -- a deadly rampage in his small, remote California community of Rancho Tehama. Four or five days before Tuesday's shootings that left five people dead and 12 others injured, Phommathep remembers a heated conversation between a husband and wife who lived next door. A couple of days after that incident, Phommathep says, he heard the same next-door neighbor, Kevin Neal, screaming threats at another neighbor, Danny Elliot. Phommathep said he is certain Kevin Neal drove to Rancho Teham  

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CHARLESTON, [SC]--Attorneys representing convicted Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof asked a federal judge for more time to find missing documents and prepare their brief for the appeal of his death penalty case. In a motion filed Thursday, attorneys for Dylann Roof asked for the court to suspend the briefing schedule for 90 days. The defense team's legal brief is due on Monday based on the original schedule. The purpose of the brief is to present the reasons Roof's attorneys believe he is entitled to have his conviction overturned. Once the defense team presents its brief, the government would have 30 days to answer those arguments. But Roof's attorneys say they are missing "a signific  

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BAY CITY, [MI]--With a pot leaf inked onto the back of his shorn head, Theodore J. Visner testified he did indeed break the law by repeatedly selling medical marijuana to undercover cops. He asserted, however, that he does not believe such conduct is in fact illegal. Such was one of many bizarre aspects in the Nov. 16 continuation of Visner's preliminary examination. The hearing began Oct. 26, at which point the 50-year-old defendant with professed militia leanings represented himself and called Bay County District Judge Mark E. Janer a "grammar teacher" and a criminal, and called Bay County Assistant Prosecutor Bernard J. Coppolino "a dork." Visner is charged with 16 counts -- eight counts   

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WARD, [AR]--Jacob Scott Goodwin, 22, of Ward has been extradited from Lonoke County to Virginia to face a charges that he joined in a beating of a black man at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va. His arrest had been reported earlier, but he resisted extradition. His visitors in jail have included a network news crew and a local neo-Nazi. View More>>  

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SPOKANE, [WA]--A highly sensationalized effort is quietly gaining momentum across the Northwest. Some people call members of the movement political refugees, others just call them crazy. Pastor Warren Campbell has been preparing for the worst his entire life. "I am a prepper. I am. My father was a prepper before me," Campbell said. "I haven't known a time when I didn't prep." He's worried about what would happen if the the dollar became worthless, sending the U.S back into a depression. Campbell traded in sunny California skies for bitter Idaho winters, partly because this area is listed as one of the last safe havens for preppers. Then he opened the doors of Redoubt Surplus and Tactical in  

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GREENSBORO, [NC]--A Greensboro man was sentenced in federal court Thursday to more than 3 years in prison for obstructing the Internal Revenue Service, filing a fraudulent tax returns and bankruptcy fraud. Hassie Demond Nowlin, aka Demond Nowlin and Brilliant Knowlin, 44, filed several fraudulent tax returns with the IRS that included fake income and withholding taxes and sought more than $750,000 in fraudulent refunds, according to a Department of Justice news release. In addition, Nowlin filed documents with the Guilford County Register of Deeds purporting to renounce his U.S. citizenship and proclaiming to be a sovereign citizen. Between 2008 and 2010, the IRS assessed taxes, penalties an  

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WAYNESBORO, [VA]-- People around the Shenandoah Valley have woken up or left work to find Ku Klux Klan fliers on their cars in recent days. Police in Winchester reported getting calls about KKK recruitment fliers back on Halloween. And as recently as yesterday, local police say the fliers were left on cars in Lumos plaza in Waynesboro and on cars along North Augusta Street in Staunton, along with other locations like parking areas off of West Beverley Street. Reports on social media came from Mount Crawford and Elkton, as well as other areas. Waynesboro resident Nikkie McCoy says she was shocked when she walked out of work yesterday at Lumos Plaza in Waynesboro. The flier goes on to claim   

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UNITED STATES, [US]--To better understand the current spike in bigotry and hate in the United States, Yahoo News interviewed historians, sociologists, psychologists and experts who track and study hate groups. And we spoke to four individuals caught up in this movement. From a former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard to a 22-year-old ex-“social justice warrior,” each described a combination of factors that — despite their varying ages and diverse upbringings — led all four of them on the path to white nationalism. View More>>  

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BURNABY, BRITISH COLUMBIA, [CN]--White supremacist flyers have appeared outside Burnaby’s Metrotown library twice in less than a month. Just before opening on Oct. 29, a patron alerted library staff black and red posters emblazoned with swastikas and the caption “Deeds not Words” had been stuck on the library’s front door. The flyers advertised the neo-Nazi group Iron March, which describes itself as the internet’s “premium purity spiraling website.” Ten days later, however, Twitter user Lea Cohodas tweeted a photo of a flyer advertising another white supremacist group, Stormfront. This time the flyer had been posted on a utility pole outside of the library.  View More>&