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BERKELEY, [CA]--Their faces hidden behind black bandannas and hoodies, about 100 anarchists and antifa— “anti-fascist” — members barreled into a protest Sunday afternoon in Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park. Jumping over plastic and concrete barriers, the group melted into a larger crowd of around 2,000 that had marched peacefully throughout the sunny afternoon for a “Rally Against Hate” gathering. Shortly after, violence began to flare. A pepper-spray-wielding Trump supporter was smacked to the ground with homemade shields. Another was attacked by five black-clad antifa members, each windmilling kicks and punches into a man desperately trying to protect himse  

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SAINT-HENRI, QUEBEC, [CN]--Organized anarchists are suspected of being behind a violent spate of vandalism in Saint-Henri that has rattled residents and left many wondering what's next. But within the anarchist community divisions are emerging about the strategy behind the recent anti-gentrification attacks. The latest incident to cause concern among Saint-Henri residents was the deliberate burning of four cars on Léa Roback Street on July 14. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack and police haven't explicitly linked it to anti-gentrification anarchists, but Montreal police Cmdr. Sylvain Parent said it fits an established pattern. In recent years, a number of Saint-Henri busine  

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PORTLAND, [OR]--Police arrested 14 people and seized more than a dozen weapons as thousands of demonstrators and counter protesters converged in downtown Portland, Oregon, on Sunday. A pro-President Donald Trump free speech rally drew several hundred to a plaza near City Hall more than a week after two Portland men were fatally stabbed trying to stop a man from shouting anti-Muslim insults at two teenage girls on a light-rail train. That rally was met across the street by hundreds of counter-protesters organized by immigrant rights, religious and labor groups. They said they wanted to make a stand against hate and racism. Portland police said Sunday evening that 14 people were arrested, and   

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PORTLAND, [OR]--One week after two men were stabbed to death while defending two girls from a racist and Islamophobic diatribe on a commuter train, Portland, Oregon, is bracing for more violence. On Sunday, over the mayor's objection, a right-wing group will hold a pro-Trump "free speech rally," while anti-fascist activists are preparing to protest the gathering. It's a pattern that has played out across the country since the election: Pro-Trump events from Pikeville, Kentucky, to Berkeley, California, attract white nationalists, neo-Nazis, and Klansmen along with other provocateurs from the so-called "alt-right." And, predictably, "antifa" counterprotesters mask up to oppose them—often ph  

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PHILADELPHIA, [PA]--The targets of a group of vandals that smashed windows and spray-painted symbols in an up-and-coming Philadelphia neighborhood was unmistakable: Police say the group of so-called "anarchists" attacked only high-end cars and the recently remodeled or built homes and businesses in Philadelphia's resurgent Kensington neighborhood Monday night. "They left us some messages that said that they weren't happy with our gentrification and they weren't happy with us building," Amberlynn Kabana, property manager of one of the damaged buildings. One message, "Gentrification is Death, Revolt is Life," was left behind in the form of a banner displayed on one of the buildings and homes   

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OLYMPIA, [WA]--May Day is a great day to show support for working people, to celebrate the return of the growing season and even to procreate. But busting up windows, setting fires and throwing rocks at police are decidedly not in the spirit of spring renewal. It’s just vandalism. Ultimately, breaking things is a political failure. So are thuggery, rioting and intimidation. Indeed, there was no coherent message from the group that took over Olympia streets Monday evening and was described by Olympia police as a mob. Some among the 50 who gathered and marched along Capitol Way were wearing black and had covered their faces with bandannas or masks. Some held signs with the messages, “Becom  

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HUNTINGTON BEACH, [CA]--A fistfight erupted between pro-Trump demonstrators and counter-protesters on the sands of a Southern California beach on Saturday, while Philadelphia police were looking into an officer's use of force in that city as "Make America Great Again" rallies were held across the country. Six people were arrested in Huntington Beach, California, after what police called "a disagreement of beliefs" between some in the crowd of 2,000 pro-Trump demonstrators and some of a small group who showed up in opposition. Some of the arrests were for "illegal use of pepper spray," police said. The media reported that pepper spray was allegedly used in one instance by an anti-Trump protes  

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SELAH, [WA]--A Central Washington man whose home was searched the day of May Day protests in Seattle was arrested Thursday by the FBI on a charge of receiving components of an incendiary-explosive device. Melvin Thomas Neifert, 41, of Selah, Yakima County, was taken into custody about 9 a.m. by the FBI Seattle Division’s Inland Northwest Joint Terrorism Task Force. The FBI revealed little about the arrest, but confirmed it related to comments made on May 1 by Seattle FBI Special Agent In Charge Frank Montoya Jr. during a May Day news briefing on the Seattle disturbances. At that time, Montoya said the FBI had questioned a man in Central Washington and seized items that could be used for in  

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CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO [CN]--Enbridge Inc. says flow on a pipeline through southwestern Ontario was shut down for several hours by protester activity near Cambridge, Ont. A company spokesman says the protesters partially restricted flow on Enbridge Line 7 on Sunday night by tampering with a manual valve. He said the pipe was shut down for approximately three hours on Monday morning as a safety precaution and so that maintenance workers could inspect the valve station. Enbridge has safely restarted the line -- which carries various products from Sarnia to Westover -- and there was no impact on client deliveries. A Monday post by "nopipelines" on the Reddit Anarchist News site claimed responsib  

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UNITED STATES, [US]--The FBI has issued an alert to law enforcement about a possible "Halloween Revolt" by a dangerous anarchist group. Federal officials issued a bulletin to local police departments about the potential for attacks against their officers. According to the FBI, a group known as the National Liberation Militia may be planning to dress in costume, cause a disturbance, and then ambush police who come to help. The group has recommended members wear typical holiday masks and bring weapons like bricks and firearms. NYPD officials told the Post there is no specific threat to New York City, and they are monitoring the situation. In a statement, the FBI said Tuesday: "As part of the c