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TAR HEEL, [NC]--An animal rights protest outside Smithfield’s packing plant Thursday afternoon, February 1, 2018, resulted in more than a dozen protesters being arrested, if eye witnesses are correct. Around 1 p..m. Thursday, what organizers called the “largest group of protesters to ever protest at Smithfield” converged on the company’s Tar Heel plant. Waving signs that said “Meat is murder” and “Smithfield kills 35,000 pigs a day,” the crowd of animal rights activists chanted “Their bodies, not ours, their lives, not ours” and “Shut it down!” The crowd gathered at the corner where the traffic light is located, and multiple law enforcement officers were on hand makin  

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EDEN VALLEY, [MN]--An Eden Valley mink farm took a large hit this summer after thousands of mink were released from the Lang Farm LLC. Stearns County Sheriff Don Gudmunson says a person or group of people took apart the exterior fence that surround the barns and released roughly 59,000 mink from their cages back on July 16th. Stearns County Investigator Mark Micks says the farm now has about 8,500 mink estimating a total loss of roughly 50,000 mink and $750,000. He adds they received a number of tips after the incident, however, all leads ran cold by the end of July and no new information has surfaced. The Sheriff’s Office says the case remains active and they continue to listen to new le  

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RICHMOND, [MN]--A Minnesota mink farm says 15,000 mink have died after unknown culprits released them from their cages earlier this week. The Stearns County Sheriff's Office says that of approximately 38,000 mink released, 14,000 of the animals are unaccounted for. Sheriff Don Gudmundson has said he believes animal rights activists released the mink, although no one has been arrested. He said he believes more than one person dismantled the exterior fence at Lang Fur Farms and released the mink from their cages. The mink have died from heat, stress and dehydration, said Fur Commission USA Executive Director Michael Whelan. Most of the animals that died were young and hadn't yet been weaned fr  

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LIVINGSTON PARISH, [LA]--A woman who rescues horses is facing felony charges in Livingston Parish. A Sheriff's Department spokesperson says she used his name and uniformed officers to bully a man into handing over his horses. Alysia Maloney has a way with horses. The former equestrian says she now spends most of her free time rescuing horses. “I get calls all the time with people wanting to surrender horses,” said Maloney. Maloney says on Tuesday, June 6, a man in Maurepas surrendered three of his horses to her. One of them, a mare named Baby, she says was in danger of dying. She showed a picture she said she took of it when she visited the property last week. According to the police re  

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MORGAN HILL, [CA]--On Sunday, someone broke into a small farm connected to Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill. The vandals appeared to be targeting Future Farmers of America and may have been animal-rights activists. They let several cows out of their stalls and left behind graffiti that said “FFA Kills.” School officials say they could have hurt the very animals they were protecting. “They (the animals) could have been killed. They could have killed someone if they were hit by a car. If this was activism, we’ll have to take that under consideration. But we want to send a clear message that letting livestock out really isn’t safe for anybody,” said Kimberly Beare, a spokeswoman   

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BOULDER, [CO]--Boulder police have sought and obtained arrest warrants for two animal rights activists accused of ruining $1,000 worth of meat at Ideal Market on Sunday. Boulder police are seeking charges against 15-year-old Ateret Goldman and Maximilian Knight, 23. Knight is facing burglary, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and criminal mischief charges — all felonies — and an misdemeanor count of tampering. Knight was not allowed at the store because of a previous incident. Goldman faces charges for felony criminal mischief and misdemeanor tampering. Police say Knight and Goldman entered the Ideal Meat Market, 1275 Alpine Ave., on Sunday evening and Goldman walked behind the  

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HULL, [GA]--A Georgia woman is behind bars after deputies said she slammed into a chicken truck, fled the scene and then refused to leave her home once authorities tracked her down. The investigation began when a truck driver told police he was traveling west on Hwy. 72 when a red four-door car hit the side of his truck. The driver said he initiated his brakes only to have the suspect vehicle slam into his truck once more - spinning in front of the truck in the process. The truck driver pulled over and called 911 as the red car fled. He only had a basic description of the driver, a woman with shoulder length red hair. Had that been all that Madison County deputies had to work with, she might  

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EAST LANSING, [MI]--A man who denied firebombing an animal researcher’s laboratory at Michigan State University in 1992 even as he pleaded guilty now admits he carried out the attack and participated in others across the country, including one at Washington State University. Rodney Coronado told the Lansing State Journal he was a member of the Animal Liberation Front that targeted researchers and others they believed were mistreating animals. “In my heart, I was deeply troubled,” said Coronado, who said he participated in a half-dozen attacks, including at Oregon State University, WSU and private fur farms in the early 1990s. The vandalism at a WSU animal lab in Pullman occurred in Aug  

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DAVIS, [CA]--A Yolo County judge released a suspected vegan vandal who painted slogans on the walls of the Nugget Market on East Covell Boulevard. But 24-year-old Stephanie Manzano still faces felony vandalism and assault charges. Davis police say Manzano struck a Nugget employee in the face when he confronted her as she was spray-painting the wall. She also supposedly spray-painted the employee during the struggle. Manzano was released on her own recognizance, perhaps because the Nugget employee who detained her didn't require any medical attention. Police say she caused $400 damage to store property and $50 in paint damage to the employees clothing. She is required to be back in court in J  

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MISSOULA, [MT]--Officials with a Missoula farming non-profit say their staff continues to field threatening calls and e-mails days after their facility was vandalized. Police contacted Garden City Harvest Sunday morning to let them know someone had vandalized their building. Staff arrived to find the word “murderer” and the abbreviation ALF written in red paint on the front of their main office. Executive Director Jean Zosel says “ALF” may stand for the Animal Liberation Front, an animal rights group known for its use of illegal direct action. Zosel says the attack may be a result of a group of pigs the farm raises and harvests at the PEAS Farm in Missoula. She says the pigs a