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UNITED STATES, [US]--When most Americans think of domestic terrorism, they probably think about the Oklahoma City bomber, white supremacists who wallow in Nazi nostalgia, racists who spray gunfire in black churches and lone-wolf psychopaths like the one who murdered at least 59 people in Las Vegas on Oct. 1. Not the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It’s thinking outside that narrow box. In a report that was never supposed to be made public, but was on Oct. 6 by foreignpolicy.org, the F.B.I.’s Counterterrorism Division has concluded that there is a real threat from the “black identity extremist” movement. It said “Black Identity Extremist (BIE) perceptions of police brutality agains  

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ANTIOCH, [TN]--A man who opened fire in a Tennessee church on Sunday may have been motivated by a quest for revenge for an earlier shooting that targeted black churchgoers in Charleston, S.C., according to people familiar with the investigation. Police said the suspect, Emanuel Kidega Samson, was wearing a mask when he entered Burnett Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, a small community outside Nashville, and began shooting. One parishioner was shot in the parking lot and died; six other people, including the minister, were wounded. People close to the investigation said a note found in the gunman’s car indicated he may have been seeking revenge for the 2015 shooting at Emanuel AME, a his  

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ANTIOCH, [TN]--Metro Nashville police say Emanuel Samson, 25, is the attacker and charged him Monday night with one count of homicide. "He’s acknowledged that he was there. He’s acknowledged that he fired, quote, 'at the church.' That’s the extent of our information that we’ve obtained from him at this point," Anderson said at a Monday news conference. Police say Samson shot one woman outside the church before shooting or injuring seven other people inside the church. Just hours later, the U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee, the FBI and the Civil Rights Division announced they were investigating the case. View More>>  

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ANTIOCH, [TN]--A Bible lays on the ground Sunday near where a worshiper was earlier shot dead outside her Tennessee church, allegedly by a former member of the same congregation. The shooting took place the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, a neighborhood in Davidson County governed by Nashville. A gunman in the church parking lot shot and killed Melanie Smith, 39, as she was walking to her car when a prayer service was letting out. The shooter then entered the church through the sanctuary's main door with two pistols and "began indiscriminately shooting," Metropolitan Nashville Police Department spokesman Don Aaron said. There were approximately 50 people still inside the sanct  

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BATON ROUGE, [LA]--One year after Alton Sterling was killed during a struggle with two Baton Rouge police officers, a small protest driven by members of the New Black Panther Party ended Wednesday when police fired stun guns, deployed pepper spray and arrested seven people outside police headquarters. The fatal shooting of 37-year-old Sterling has driven a year-long debate about policing in Baton Rouge’s black communities, but the anniversary of his death did not spark the large protests seen last summer in the streets of the Capital City. About 20 to 30 protesters initially gathered outside the Triple S Food Mart, the convenience store where Sterling sold bootleg CDs and the site of the s  

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WASHINGTON, [DC]--A D.C. resident who sympathized with ISIS bought an automatic weapon that he wanted to use to start a "race war," federal prosecutors say. Clark Calloway, 38, was arrested by FBI agents Thursday after he arranged to buy an AK-47 from an FBI informant, court documents say. He faces federal charges of possession of a firearm by a felon and transportation of a firearm with the intent to commit a felony. "Soon the great killing will commence," Calloway wrote in a Facebook post April 20, prosecutors say. Calloway, who served in the U.S. Marine Corps, allegedly spoke about attacking police stations. He specifically referenced the First District station on M Street SW. He was arre  

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FRESNO, [CA]--Kori Ali Muhammad told his family there was a war going on between blacks and whites in America. On social media, he referred to white people as “devils.” Earlier in the year, he released a rap album replete with violent, explicit, racially-charged lyrics, including referring to himself in one song as a “black soldier.” On Tuesday morning, police say Muhammad stalked the streets of downtown Fresno, fatally shooting three white men with a .357 revolver. Before surrendering to police, he allegedly shouted “Allahu akbar” and expressed hatred toward white people and the government, according to Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer. Local authorities said they don’t believe   

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KANSAS CITY, [MO]--Online the shooter called himself Cosmo Setepenra, and more than a week before he killed three police officers Sunday in Baton Rouge, La., he told a YouTube audience he didn’t want to be associated with organized groups in case anything happened to him. “I’m affiliated with the spirit of justice: nothing else, nothing more, nothing less,” he said in the clip. Cosmo Setepenra’s real name was Gavin Eugene Long, and he was from Kansas City. As the nation took in yet another horrific murderous rampage, public records, social media and recollections from former classmates paint a picture of a puzzling personality: He was a military veteran without a criminal recor  

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BATON ROUGE, [LA]--A lone gunman killed three law enforcement officers and wounded three others in Baton Rouge on Sunday morning, less than two weeks after the death of an African American man at the hands of Baton Rouge police. The shootings occurred when police responded to a 911 call that a man dressed in black and armed with what appeared to be an ­assault-style rifle was walking near a shopping plaza about a mile from police headquarters. The deaths shocked a nation already on edge over recent killings by police and the slayings of five police officers in Dallas by a lone gunman. The run of violence that began July 5 in Baton Rouge has now left 10 dead, including eight law enforcemen  

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EVANSVILLE, [IN]--An Alabama man is jailed in Indiana, accused of shooting a transgender woman in head in what is being investigated as possible hate crime. Gerald P. Lewis, who was using the alias "Gadiell Ben Israel," said "die, die," and used a homophobic slur during the Sunday incident, according to multiple Indiana media reports. The victim, 55-year Crystal Cash told investigators Lewis was from Alabama, and police found identification in his backpack that indicated he lived, or has lived, in Alabama. He is jailed in Vanderburgh County with bond set at $5 million, jail records show. The listed charges are attempted murder, robbery and carrying a handgun without a license. The shooting