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SALT LAKE CITY, [UT]--The state of Utah is investigating allegations of food stamp fraud among members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The state action follows a federal case that concluded last year. Lyle Jeffs, the brother of the group’s leader, was sentenced for fraud and for escaping authorities. Bethany Hyatt, spokeswoman for Utah’s Department of Workforce Services, said Utah will look at individual church members, whereas the federal probe investigated retail stores run by the FLDS. About 150 FLDS families in Utah receive SNAP benefits, or food stamps. Utah authorities are only looking at what individuals do at a retail store, not at what they do  

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ISLA VISTA, [CA]--Elliot Rodger, the 22-year-old who killed six students in the college town of Isla Vista in 2014, was the first "alt-right killer" to strike in recent years, according to a new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center. The report counts Rodger among 13 alleged alt-right killers whose actions left 43 people dead and more than 60 injured since 2014. The alleged perpetrators were all men and most were under 30 years of age, the report says. The common thread: All participated in the "far-right ecosystem that defines the alt-right." One of them made several references to Rodger before carrying out his attack last year, the report says. View More>>  

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UNITED STATES, [US]--Mixed martial arts has a long and sordid relationship with white supremacists. But neo-Nazi-affiliated MMA outfits, like White Rex, a Russian clothing company and former fight promotion that helped launch Yankova’s career, have typically been confined to eastern Europe and Russia, where they have, well, something of a stranglehold over the far-right fringes of the sport. But now, inspired in part by emerging international talents like Anastasia Yankova (a Russian model-turned-mixed martial artist who has appeared in a Nike commercial), groups in America, including Rise Above Movement in southern California, have helped popularize a particularly violent version of comba  

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UNITED STATES, [US]--Megan Squire, a 45-year-old professor of computer science at Elon University, lives in a large white house at the end of a suburban street. Inside are, usually, some combination of husband, daughter, two step-children, rescue dog, and cat. In her downtime she runs marathons and tracks far-right extremists. Whack-a-Mole, her creation, is a set of programs that monitors some 400,000 accounts of white nationalists on Facebook and other websites and feeds that information into a centralized database. She insists she is scrupulous to not break the law or violate Facebook’s terms of service. Nor does she conceal her identity, in person or online: “We shouldn’t have to ma  

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NOVI, [MI]--The man who federal authorities say threatened to kill CNN employees had declared in high school that he identified with Adolf Hitler and suggested “the Holocaust was exaggerated,” according to a former classmate. That description of Brandon Griesemer’s behavior in high school emerged after the FBI accused him of placing menacing phone calls to CNN, describing the news organization as “fake news” and vowing to carry out a massacre at its Atlanta offices. The FBI also said in court documents that Griesemer made “disparaging remarks regarding Jewish individuals” during one call and, months before threatening CNN, called a Michigan mosque and “made derogatory comment  

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UNITED STATES, [US]--A new report states that right-wing extremists were responsible for the majority of extremist murders in the U.S. in 2017. Jewish group the Anti-Defamation League compiled the report, noting how the murders committed by white supremacists included some linked to the "alt-right" -- shorthand for the "alternative right" -- which it states “expanded its operations in 2017 from the internet into the physical world.” The report includes white supremacists and individuals who identify with the alt-right movement as part of its "right-wing" classification. “Energized by the 2016 election and the media attention given to the movement, alt-right adherents … increasingly i  

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, [VA]--Following a pair of lawsuit filings in October, new plaintiffs have joined the suits against various independent militia groups, white nationalists and organizers of the ill-fated Unite the Right rally in August. The two recently amended complaints also claim that similarly violent demonstrations could happen again soon. One of the complaints, filed in Charlottesville Circuit Court, is intended to stop non-state-sanctioned paramilitary activities. The other complaint, filed in federal court, alleges a conspiracy to violate the civil rights of counter-protesters who were allegedly intimidated and assaulted by rally-goers wishing to commit acts of violence against ethnic  

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WACO, [TX]--Twenty-five years later, the slightly rolling hills, 12 miles northeast of Waco are still home to wide open spaces and plenty of central Texas peace and quiet. It's also where, behind a wrought iron gate with doves of peace on one side and the crucifixion on the other, you can still find the evidence of a violent and deadly past. Just inside the gate of Double EE Ranch Road, a monument stands with the names of each of the 82 Branch Davidians who died, including their leader David Koresh. On the monument originally erected in their honor by a Texas Militia group, you will not find the names of the four ATF agents who died in the initial shootout. It's a monument that still draws  

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HILLDALE, [UT]--Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints President Warren Jeffs, in addition to other church leaders and its former land trust, face accusations of carrying out a "calculated plan" to sexually abuse underage girls as part of religious rituals, according to court documents filed Wednesday. The lawsuit further levels accusations against the United Effort Plan Trust, Warren Jeffs' brothers Lyle and Seth Jeffs, former FLDS President and convicted bigamist Wendell Nielsen, and the church. As part of FLDS beliefs, men have historically sexually abused and assaulted underage girls, court documents say. But under Warren Jeffs' leadership, the lawsuit's plaintiff —  

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SALT LAKE CITY, [UT]--Opposing attorneys painted starkly contrasting pictures of Lyle Steed Jeffs Wednesday before a federal judge sent the former Fundamentalist LDS Church leader to prison for misusing millions of dollars in food stamp benefits. Public defender Kathryn Nester described Jeffs, 57, as a man with sincerely held religious beliefs who tried to take care of a southern Utah community in crisis with his plan to feed people through the government's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP. Prosecutor Robert Lund countered that Jeffs, the brother of imprisoned FLDS prophet Warren Jeffs, perpetuated an elaborate scheme over many years to divert $11 million in taxpayer-funde