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ALBUQUERQUE, [NM]--Four members of a New Mexico paramilitary religious sect rocked by child sexual abuse allegations were arrested while trying to flee the state in two vans full of children, authorities said Thursday. Cibola County Sheriff Tony Mace confirmed that the four members of the Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps were arrested late Wednesday as deputies tried to execute a court order to pick up the children for interviews from the group’s isolated compound in western New Mexico. Arrest warrants had been issued for the four taken into custody. They were arrested late Wednesday on felony warrants for failure to register the births of their 11 children. Amos River, Vict  

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ALBUQUERQUE, [NM]--According to reports, charges against leaders of the Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps include over 100 counts of criminal sexual penetration of a minor and multiple charges of child abuse. Cibola County Sheriff Tony Mace tells The Associated Press on Tuesday that investigators found a number of children during a raid of the Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps in remote Fence Lake, New Mexico. The site is laced with anti-Semitic language and anti-gay tirades about same-sex marriage, prompting the Southern Poverty Law Center to list the Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps as a hate group. "The sheriff" s office started investigating the  

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TOBYHANNA, [PA]--Authorities say they're investigating a possible connection between a shooting in eastern Pennsylvania and an online cult. According to CBS Scranton, Pennsylvania affiliate WYOU-TV, police say Barbara Rogers, 42, fatally shot her boyfriend, 32-year-old Steven Mineo, in the forehead from close range early Saturday morning in their Coolbaugh Township apartment. Lt. Steven Williams, of the Pocono Mountain Regional Police, says Rogers told officers Mineo was having "online issues" with a cult and asked her to kill him. Police say she obliged, then called 911 to report the shooting. Williams told a news organization it appears Rogers and Mineo were survivalists, fearing the world  

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GONZALEZ, [LA]--Political transitions sometimes translate into people buying emergency supplies, though their reasons may vary. It happened after the elections of presidents Reagan and Obama, and to the best of anyone’s ability to track it, it’s happening again with President Trump. Companies that make bulk emergency supplies, like ready-made meals and water purifiers, have seen an uptick in sales. Prepper conventions are drawing thousands of people, and the American Preppers Network says membership increased to 40,000 this year, the highest it has ever been. About 3,000 people attended the recent National Preppers and Survivalists expo in Gonzales, Louisiana. Robert Meyer is a professor  

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UNITED STATES, [US]--The Trump administration has been good for the survival business. Texas businessman, Clyde Scott of Rising S Company says orders for survival shelters have doubled amid political uncertainty. In an interview with a national news organization, Scott said: “During the Obama administration our sales went up 250%. In the Trump administration in the past month our sales probably went up 500%.” The underground bunkers are designed to house families while waiting for civil unrest, war, or natural disasters to pass. An 8-by-12-foot underground bunker will set you back around $45,000. The shelters have blast valves, air and water filtration and a stainless sink, toilet and sh  

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LA PORTE, [IN]--A fugitive from La Porte County who had eluded capture since 2014, when police discovered a cache of firearms, ammunition and dynamite wrapped in electrical tape at his home, was arrested over the weekend in Sulphur Springs, Texas. Robert L. Ofcky, 57, was stopped by police in Texas for improper display of a license plate, according to Capt. Mike Kellems, a spokesman with the La Porte County Sheriff’s Department. Ofcky is being held in a Texas jail on two warrants, for Class C felony possession of a destructive device and Class A misdemeanor domestic battery. After he is extradited to La Porte County, he will be held on $300,000 cash bond. Kellems said Ofcky may also face f  

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RANDOLPH, [KS]--Dave Carlson has spent a lot of the last year and a half cutting trees in the woods. He’s used the wood to build grills, a cooking stand, fire circles and has started to build emergency shelters and a cabin. Last week Carlson built a blacksmith shop with the trees he’s cut down, just in time for a weekend blacksmithing class. Carlson is the owner of Blackthorn-USA, an outdoor adventure school that offers courses in preparedness, bushcraft and survival. Carlson bought the 80-acre property he’s been shaping into a school almost two years ago. The property is in Randolph off of Tuttle Creek Boulevard, behind an old, abandoned gas station. Carlson uses the gas station as hi  

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COLUMBIA, [SC]--For those concerned about societal collapse or impending disaster, two South Carolina lawmakers have a plan. It includes community ammo depots and tactical weapons training. State Reps. Josiah Magnuson, R-Campobello, and Jonathon Hill, R-Townville — both from tiny towns in the Upstate Bible Belt— are in the process of setting up what they call the “Virtue Solution Project,” a group that is seeking to either save America or survive a societal collapse, which they both believe is likely coming. The organization is a mixture of religious ministry, grassroots political organizing and disaster prepping. At its core, their movement hopes to save the country by reshaping it   

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UNITED STATES, [US]--If a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or other unforeseen apocalypse hits the US, doomsday preppers will be ready. They've already been stockpiling food, buying water filters, and hatching escape plans — in some cases for years. Recently, preppers seem to have found another reason for concern: Donald Trump's election. At least a handful of American prepping supply companies have seen spikes in sales since Election Day. My Patriot Supply, an Idaho-based emergency supplies company, doubled its online sales during the week of Inauguration Day compared to the same week in 2016, marketing VP Keith Bansemer tells Business Insider.In the three months leading up to Election  

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TRIDENT LAKES, [TX]--If you're looking to join an upscale community that'll be prepared for any disaster, you may want to move to North Texas in the next few years.  Trident Lakes is a 700-acre, $300 million development that's billed as a "lavish country-club community" that' developers say is "part private resort, part safe haven." The community is being built along Highway 56, between Ector and Savoy. Ector is about 50 miles northwest of Dallas.  Trident Lakes CEO Jim O'Connor and spokesman Richie Whitt said the 400 planned condos will be able to house about 1,600 people total. The condos will range from 900 to 3,600 square feet in size and feature underground floors. O'Connor understand