January 29, 2018 Posted by Daryl Johnson  in Environmental Extremism

BISMARK, [ND]--A judge has scheduled a spring sentencing for a Denver woman who pleaded guilty in a shooting during protests in North Dakota against the Dakota Access oil pipeline, but he's still weighing whether to let her out of jail in the meantime. Attorneys for Red Fawn Fallis argue in recent court documents that aside from one slip-up, she's been an "exemplary" resident at a Fargo halfway house for three months and should be allowed to return there until her punishment is handed down. Fallis, 38, was accused of firing a handgun at officers three times during her October 2016 arrest. No one was hurt. She pleaded guilty Jan. 22 to civil disorder and gun possession by a convicted felon. P  

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UNITED STATES, [US]--Determined to disrupt the interstate transport of oil and natural gas throughout the United States, a network of environmental activists is openly threatening to resort to sabotage to achieve their ends. And having let their intentions be known, they are crying foul now that law enforcement officials are taking their threats seriously. Indeed, the recent past foreshadows what is to come. In October 2016, a group of five demonstrators cut through padlocks and chains to enter the flow stations of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Dubbed Valve Turners, they shut off the pipeline’s valves, temporarily stopping the flow of oil through the pipeline. Local law enforcement officials  

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UNITED STATES, [US]--The U.S. Department of Justice said last week that protesters who damage oil pipelines will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, but the agency did not specify whether charges for environmental activists would include domestic terrorism. The agency was responding Friday to media inquiries regarding an Oct. 23 letter from 84 lawmakers asking whether domestic terrorism laws apply to activists who shut down oil pipelines in four states in October 2016. The agency was still reviewing the lawmakers' letter. The members of Congress had asked the DOJ to review the matter over concerns that the protesters, who entered remote oil stations in an effort to stem the oil flo  

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DES MOINES, [IA]--Two Iowa activists with a history of arrests for political dissent are claiming responsibility for repeatedly damaging the Dakota Access Pipeline while the four-state, $3.8 billion project was under construction in Iowa. Jessica Reznicek, 35, and Ruby Montoya, 27, both of Des Moines, held a news conference Monday outside the Iowa Utilities Board’s offices where they provided a detailed description of their deliberate efforts to stop the pipeline's completion. They were taken into custody by state troopers immediately afterward when they abruptly began using a crowbar and a hammer to damage a sign on state property. Both women are involved in Iowa’s Catholic Worker socia  

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UNITED STATES, [US]--The Trump administration may be bad for the policy agenda of environmental activism groups but good for those groups' fundraising, as some of them have signaled their intention to ramp up protests to a number of the administration's energy policy proposals. The Keystone XL Pipeline, proposed to carry oil from Alberta in Canada to Texas Gulf Coast refineries, was successfully stalled for years under the Obama administration. Just days after taking office, however, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to advance the pipeline, and the U.S. Department of State issued a permit for the project last month. That permit is now subject to a lawsuit filed by environmen  

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MALTBY, [WA]--A bulldozer was stolen early Wednesday morning from a work site near Highway 522 and driven into the base of a power-line tower, damaging it but not bringing it down. The FBI has taken over the investigation. Anti-capitalism and radical environmentalist graffiti was spray-painted at the scene and on nearby structures, according to the Bonneville Power Administration, which operates the transmission line. Service was not affected by the incident, said Mike Hansen, a BPA spokesman. Snohomish County sheriff's deputies secured the site after it was reported late Wednesday morning. The case was handed over to the FBI because an important part of the regional energy grid was intentio  

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AUKLAND, [NZ]—Japanese whalers and Sea Shepherd activists are continuing to clash in the Southern Ocean, with the Japanese accusing the environmental group of acts of sabotage. Japan's Institute for Cetacean Research (ICR) says crew from the Sea Shepherd's ship Bob Barker (BB) tried to sever a steel warning wire the Yushin Maru (YS1) and Yushin Maru No 3 (YS3) were towing. The institute also claims the Bob Barker came "dangerously close" to its two vessels, forcing them to broadcast warning messages and spray a water pump to try and keep the activists away. Sea Shepherd has in turn interpreted the towing of steel wire as an offensive by the Japanese. On Sunday, the group's spokesman Adam   

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SAN DIEGO, [CA]—Court documents filed in San Diego Superior Court reveal that prosecutors allege two UCSD students set two separate fires on campus as an act of eco-terrorism to try to prevent a Starbucks from opening on campus. Twenty-two year old Holly Nguyen and 21-year-old Maya Land have pleaded not guilty to charges of arson in the December incident. Prosecutors allege that the two undergrads, who were captured on surveillance video entering the Price Center on the UCSD campus shortly before the fires were set in two separate restrooms, were part of the 'Earth Liberation Front' or ELF, the collective name for individuals or factions that resort to "eco-terrorism" to stop, in their vie  

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PORTLAND, [OR]—A woman who surrendered after a decade as a fugitive in the nation's largest eco-terrorism case is expected to enter guilty pleas on Oct. 10, court records show. Rebecca Rubin, 39, was accused in a federal indictment of being a member of cells of the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front known as "The Family." Investigators blame the Eugene group for 20 fires across the West from 1996 to 2001 that did $40 million in damage. Rubin has been in custody since surrendering in November 2012 to the FBI at the Canadian border with Washington state. At the time, her lawyer said she wanted to get the case behind her. Rubin was charged with helping set fire to buildings  

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STOCKBRIDGE, [MI]—Four people were arrested Monday at the site of a pipeline protest northwest of Stockbridge have been charged with a felony. Vickie Rose Hamlin, 59, of Michigan City; Lisa Michelle Leggio, 35, of Holland; Barbara Ellen Carter, 22, of Detroit; and William Michael Lawrence, 22, of East Lansing are charged with restricting or obstructing police (a felony) and trespassing (a misdemeanor). Seven others were arrested, charged with trespassing and released on bond. There were 20 to 30 demonstrators gathered early Monday, July 22, at the site of an Enbridge gas pipeline construction project in the area of Grimes Road and Dexter Trail. the individuals arrested are part of the M