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DRAPER, [UT]--A federal grand jury returned an indictment on Friday charging a former Draper man with a racially motivated assault against a black neighbor and his young son last year in which the defendant shouted a racial epithet and zapped the neighbor with a stun device. Mark Olic Porter, 58, is charged with one count of “interference with housing” for allegedly interfering with the neighbor because of his race after he had moved in nearby. Porter on Nov. 3 allegedly yelled “n-----” and said “get out of here” to the victim and his 7-year-old son, and allegedly used a “stun cane” to assault the victim, referred to as M.W., resulting in bodily injury, according to the feder  

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HOUSTON, [TX]--Three persons were charged Thursday after remains believed to be a missing Houston teenager were found northeast of Cabool. Authorities charged Andrew Vrba, and his girlfriend, Isis Schauer, both 18-year-old Houston residents, with first-degree murder, armed criminal action and abandonment of a corpse. Briana Calderas, 24, of Cabool, is charged with first-degree murder and abandonment of a corpse. A public defender representing all three made filings in the cases on Friday. The trio is charged with killing Joseph M. Steinfeld, 17, who was reported missing a week earlier. Burned remains believed to be his were discovered by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department at Calderas’  

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BATON ROUGE, [LA]--A 23-year-old white man was arrested Tuesday and accused of cold-bloodedly killing two black men and shooting up a black family's home in a string of attacks last week that police say may have been racially motivated. A law enforcement official said authorities found a handwritten copy of an Adolf Hitler speech at Kenneth James Gleason's home, and investigators said surveillance footage and DNA on a shell casing link him to the crimes. Authorities said he would be charged with first-degree murder in the shooting deaths of a homeless man and a dishwasher who was walking to work. In each case, the killer opened fire from his car, then walked up to the victim as he lay on th  

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UNITED STATES, [US]--The number of hate crimes rose across the United States in 2016, marking the first time in over a decade that the country has experienced consecutive annual increases in crimes targeting people based on their race, religion, sexuality, disability or national origin. Data collected by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, and provided exclusively to HuffPost, shows hate crimes rose about 5 percent from 2015 to 2016. The study, authored by Professor Brian Levin, is seen as a reliable predictor of official FBI hate crime statistics, released each year in November. Levin’s 2016 findings amount to the most comprehensi  

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NEW YORK CITY, [NY]--A Jewish woman and her mother were beaten up at a Queens subway station by a man who mistook them for Muslims, police said. The women, 37 and 57, had just gotten off the M train and were walking toward the exit of the 67th Av. station in Forest Hills when they heard the man lob an insult at them around 2 p.m. Wednesday. When the younger woman told the man to repeat what he had just said, he spit in her face and “Get out of my country you dirty Muslim.” He then began punching both women in the face and body. The man, identified as Dimitrios Zias, 40 was arrested at the scene and charged with multiple counts of assault as a hate crime, officials said. View More>>  

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FORT WAYNE, [IN]--"This is a hate crime." That's what a white supremacist told a Fort Wayne police officer last year, according to an affidavit, as he confessed to killing a black man. Aaryn Snyder showed the police officer a tattoo — a "patch," the affidavit said, from a "white organization." He said he earned it by killing. He stabbed 22-year-old Samuel Hardrix to death, leaving the body to decompose in somebody's backyard. The homicide was one of 69 hate crimes reported in Indiana in 2016, according to an annual state report. People were attacked and intimidated for being black, for being gay, for being Hispanic — and, according to the report, for being white. They had their homes, c  

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FLAGSTAFF, [AZ]--Bigots in Flagstaff, Arizona spray-painted swastikas and set fire to a hookah lounge owned by an Iraqi-American earlier this week. Their message: “Get out.” This week’s vandalism and arson at the Maktoob Hookah Lounge was not the first time owner Aaron Jasim has been threatened by racists. The business owner told the Arizona Daily Sun that he’s received death threats before, including a note that stated “this is not over terorist [sic].” Jasim also believes a man who accosted women in his business last week and called him a “terrorist” after he kicked him out could be a suspect. Fellow Downtown Flagstaff business owners created a GoFundMe for the cleanup of M  

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PUYALLUP, [WA]--A teenager from Puyallup was arrested Monday afternoon in connection with the killing of a Spokane cab driver in North Idaho. Bonner County sheriff’s deputies have identified Jacob Coleman, 19, as the only suspect in a bizarre series of events that led to the young cab driver, identified by deputies as Gagandeep Singh, 22, being stabbed to death in the small town of Kootenai, Idaho. Coleman has been arrested and is facing charges of first-degree murder. According to information Coleman told deputies, the 19-year-old flew from Seattle to Spokane with the intention of starting a new semester at Gonzaga University but was denied entry. Pete Tormey, associate director of commun  

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UNITED STATES, [US]--We mapped 63 publicly reported incidents from January to July 2017, where mosques were targets of threats, vandalism or arson. On average, that comes down to nine every month and at least two a week. The incidents, tallied in a preliminary list of publicly reported occurrences by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, span 26 states from Florida to Hawaii. During the same time period in 2016, CAIR counted 46 incidents. CNN has compiled a list of all the cities where mosques have been targeted. In some cases, there was more than one incident in a particular city. View More>>  

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COLORADO SPRINGS, [CO]--A swastika and other anti-Semitic messages were found spray-painted on a Colorado Springs synagogue Friday morning. Temple Beit Torah, 522 E. Madison St., and nearby cars, homes and buildings were vandalized, said police Sgt. Pamela Castro. She did not release details, saying the incident is under investigation. A swastika and the words “sig (sic) heil” – for “sieg heil,” a Nazi salute praising Hitler – were among the scribblings on one side of the temple’s sign. The other side was marked with an unintelligible message. The word “sig” also was painted near the building’s south entrance. View More>>