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ALBUQUERQUE, [NM]--Eight-and-a-half years after a Native American woman was found beaten and left for dead near Roosevelt Park in southeast Albuquerque, detectives have indicted a suspect in the case, charging him with murder as a hate crime. The case had been cold for years when detectives identified 41-year-old Roger Paul Preston, who was already in prison, as a suspect, according to officer Simon Drobik, a spokesman for the Albuquerque Police Department. He said detectives would not comment on what tied Preston to the victim or how he became a suspect. And Michael Patrick, a spokesman for the District Attorney’s Office, wouldn’t say what circumstances caused the killing to be conside  

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CINCINNATI, [OH]--The FBI and Cincinnati Police Department are looking for leads after an SUV belonging to a person of Middle Eastern descent was spray painted with "Go Home," "Musslim (sic) terrorist," and "Trump America," officials said. The alleged vandalism took place last year on May 4 in Sayler Park on Gracely Drive at approximately 4:20 a.m., FBI officials said in a news conference Friday. The windows of victim's 2006 Ford Explorer were also broken out and the tires were slashed in addition to the spray painting, officials said. Swastika symbols were scratched into the paint. A single suspect was captured on video during the incident. The FBI is asking anyone with information about   

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FRESNO, [CA]--Fresno police have arrested a man they believe to be responsible for the brutal killing of a transgender woman more than two years ago. Richard Joseph Lopez, 37, was charged with the July 2015 murder of 66-year-old Kenton Craig Haggard, who friends say went by “Casey” or “KC.” Police Chief Jerry Dyer said Lopez has a criminal history and was in jail for an unrelated elder abuse case when detectives identified him as the murderer. Haggard, 66, was stabbed to death while walking along Blackstone Avenue in the early morning of July 23, 2015. Police believed at the time that the suspect was looking for a woman to pay for sex when he encountered Haggard, who friends and fami  

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SCOTTSDALE, [AZ]--A Scottsdale man who was brutally stabbed by a neighbor is calling for a hate crime charge. Local activist Jarrett Maupin said Wednesday that 58-year-old Thomas Williams, who is black, alleges the white suspect used racial slurs while stabbing him with a knife three times in the stomach and leg. Williams said the attack started after he walked outside and heard another man yelling "call 911, call 911." He explained that he dialed 911 and left his apartment unit to see what was happening. Suddenly, the man turned on him and began calling him racial slurs. "'You n*****, you broke in my girlfriend's house and you raped her,'" said Williams, describing what the man yelled at h  

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TULSA, [OK]--Nearly 18 months after a south Tulsa man was shot outside his family’s home in a reported racially motivated hate crime, the man accused of murdering him will face a jury. Defense attorneys for Stanley Vernon Majors, 63, are expected to present a mental health-based defense in hopes of an acquittal for his role in the Aug. 12, 2016, death of his neighbor 37-year-old Khalid Jabara, who died after being shot on his family’s porch in the 9300 block of South 85th East Avenue. Majors faces one count each of first-degree murder, malicious intimidation and harassment — also known as Oklahoma’s hate crime law — as well as threatening an act of violence against a neighbor who w  

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MIAMI, [FL]--A hateful phone call is landing a Florida man behind bars. 35-year-old Gerald Sloane Wallace has been sentenced to a year in federal prison for leaving a voicemail threatening to shoot people at a mosque. The Miami U.S. Attorney’s Office said in a news release that Wallace was sentenced Wednesday. He pleaded guilty in October to a federal hate crime, admitting that he phoned the Islamic Center of Greater Miami in February 2017 and left the threatening voicemail. Court documents say the message used profanity against Islam, the prophet Muhammad and the Quran and threatened to “go down to your center” and shoot people. Wallace pleaded guilty to one count of obstructing the   

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VICTORIA, [TX]--A federal judge wants mosque arson suspect Marq Vincent Perez to stand trial by April or May. At 1 p.m. Thursday, Perez, his defense attorney and prosecutors appeared in a fourth floor courtroom in the Martin Luther King Jr. Federal Building in Victoria for the third pretrial conference since Perez's indictment in June. Perez, a 26-year-old Victoria resident, is accused of setting fire to and destroying the Victoria Islamic Center in January 2017. Perez is federally charged with arson; damaging a religious property, a hate crime; and possession of an explosive device, a charge unrelated to the mosque's fire. He faces a maximum sentence of 40 years in a federal prison and up t  

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FORT COLLINS, [CO]--Larimer County Sheriff's Office deputies responded Saturday afternoon to the Motel 6 at 3900 E. Mulberry St. for a death investigation. The man convicted of vandalizing the Islamic Center of Fort Collins was found dead Saturday at an east Fort Collins motel. Joseph Giaquinto, 36, died by suicide Friday, according to the Larimer County coroner. The coroner's office performed an autopsy Sunday and publicly identified Giaquinto on Monday morning. Larimer County Sheriff's Office deputies responded Saturday afternoon to the Motel 6 at 3900 E. Mulberry St. for a death investigation, according to spokesman David Moore. The department did not provide further information about t  

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OWASSO, [OK]--An Owasso man accused in a series of attacks that police say targeted the homeless now faces a charge of violating Oklahoma’s hate crimes statute. Jeremy Dean Thacker is charged with first-degree murder and nine related felonies. Authorities say he is responsible for the Sept. 4 death of Shawn Birdo and injuries to four other people, including Birdo’s girlfriend, Cynthia Wallace, by running over them in a pickup before fleeing. The Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office on Wednesday added a misdemeanor charge of committing malicious intimidation or harassment, commonly known as the state’s hate crimes law, after a racial element was introduced into evidence. The count   

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JACKSONVILLE, [FL]--Bernandino Bolatete's plan came to law enforcement's attention from a tip in late October. An undercover officer contacted him and the two met on several occasions at local gun ranges. Williams said Bolatete confirmed to the undercover detective in secretly recorded conversations that he hated Muslims and outlined his idea to carry out a mass shooting. "The investigation confirmed the suspect was planning on carrying out a mass shooting and he already had the weaponry necessary to carry out the attack," Williams said. According to the indictment, after the undercover operative sold Bolatete a silencer for $100 last week, he was arrested on a federal weapons violation. At