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LAS VEGAS, [NV]--A judge called a New Hampshire man a "bully vigilante" and sentenced him Wednesday to more than seven years in prison for his role organizing armed backers of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy after a standoff with U.S. agents in 2014. Gerald "Jerry" DeLemus became the first person sentenced for his ties to the confrontation that became a rallying cry for those who want vast stretches of federal land in the U.S. West put under local control. Eighteen others are in custody. DeLemus has been jailed for almost 16 months, so the sentence means the 62-year-old former U.S. Marine will spend about six more years behind bars. View More>>  

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WASHINGTON, [DC]--A top Oregon Republican said Monday he’s considering using militia groups for security purposes after a man directing anti-Muslim rhetoric at two women fatally stabbed two men and injured a third this weekend. Multnomah County Republican Party Chairman James Buchal told The Guardian that recent protests have prompted members of the Portland GOP to consider security alternatives. He said that might mean making arrangements that don’t rely on police. “There are these people arising, like the Oath Keepers and the Three Percenters,” he added. “We’re thinking about that. Because there are now belligerent, unstable people who are convinced that Republicans are like Na  

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BURNS, [OR]--A year ago, this corner of rural Oregon became center stage in the drawn-out drama over public lands when armed militia leaders seized a national wildlife refuge, arguing that the government had too much control of land in the West. Now that President Trump is in office, people here and in other parts of the 11 states where 47 percent of the landmass is publicly owned are watching to see what he will do on everything related to public lands, from coal mining and cattle grazing to national monuments and parks. In Burns, some ranchers and others are feeling emboldened, hopeful that regulatory rollbacks by the federal government will return lands to private use and shore up a long-  

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PORTLAND, [OR]--California resident Gary Hunt, speaking by phone from jail Thursday, promised he would show up to court in Portland to defend his right to publish details about FBI informants involved in the investigation of the armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Hunt, 71, was arrested last Thursday on a warrant that Brown signed after he skipped a hearing to explain why he shouldn't be held in civil contempt of a court order that demanded he remove his online publications revealing confidential FBI informants who assisted in the investigation of the 41-day refuge occupation. He has spent the last week in the Sacramento County Jail. Hunt has argued that he was never a de  

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MISSOULA, [MT]--David Earl Burgert, Jr. is a familiar foe to law enforcement. He led Project 7 -- an anti-government militia in Flathead County. In 2001, he was accused of plotting to assassinate local authorities and stockpiling weapons and ammunition, including a machine gun. He eluded police by staging his own death and fled into the forest near Kalispell, Montana. He was arrested in 2002 following a shootout with the FBI and police. He was convicted and sentenced to seven years in prison. Burgert was paroled in 2010, and it wasn't long before law enforcement was on his trail again. He led officers on a chase outside Lolo, Montana, then seemingly disappeared into the forest. Some still ke  

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ALBANY, [NY]--Five months ago, the FBI arrested Robert Twiss after an informant recorded the Greene County militia member boasting about scenarios where he could attack federal buildings in Albany. On Monday, a veteran federal judge accepted Twiss' guilty plea to a gun charge in U.S. District Court — then allowed him to be free until his sentencing. Twiss, 59, of Earlton, pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of a rifle by a felon, saying, "Guilty as charged." Twiss, who was convicted of burglary in 1981 and boasted that he was "extremely dangerous," hardly kept the gun possession a secret. He posted a Facebook profile picture of himself holding a rifle in the snow beside an American flag   

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SALINA, [KS]--Three Kansas men accused of plotting to attack Somali immigrants in the state are facing a second federal conspiracy count. A revised indictment returned Thursday in Wichita against Patrick Stein, Gavin Wright and Curtis Allen of plotting for months last year to “injure, oppress, threaten and intimate” Somalis who lived at a Garden City apartment complex. While now accusing Wright of lying to the FBI, the new indictment again charges the trio with conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction. Allen and Stein also remain accused of gun charges. Federal prosecutors allege the defendants were part of The Crusaders militia group and planned the truck-bomb attack on the apartm  

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PORTLAND, [OR]--A federal jury Friday delivered a split verdict in the second Oregon standoff trial, finding two defendants guilty of conspiracy in the takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge but acquitting two others of the same charge. The jury found Jason Patrick, described by prosecutors as one of the organizers of the armed occupation, and Darryl Thorn, who worked on security details, guilty of conspiring to prevent federal workers from doing their jobs at the refuge through intimidation, threat or force. The other two men on trial, Duane Ehmer and Jake Ryan, were found not guilty. The jury, though, found both Ehmer and Ryan guilty of willfully damaging the refuge, or depredati  

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CUMBERLAND COUNTY, [PA]--A Middlesex Township man who was accused of threatening to shoot a police officer is looking at up to four years behind bars. Michael S. Filaroski, 43, was sentenced Tuesday by a Cumberland County Judge to 24 to 48 months of confinement on one count of firearms not to be carried without a license. In July, as police were arresting his son, Colin Filaroski, on a drug-possession charge, Michael Filaroski threatened to shoot the police, telling them he was a member of the "Three Percent Militia" -- a self-described, far-right patriot movement that opposes government intervention, except as stated in the U.S. Constitution. Filaroski threatened to shoot everyone involved   

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EUGENE, [OR]--An Oregon man with ties to the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge has pleaded guilty to illegally possessing a machine gun. Michael Ray Emry, 54, pleaded guilty on Monday. His sentencing is scheduled for April 3rd. The ATF says the M2 machine gun Emry possessed was capable of firing 550 to 650 rounds per minute. Emry admitted that he took the gun from a shop where he works in Idaho. Emry says the owner of the shop didn't know that he had taken the weapon. Emry described himself as an "embedded reporter" during the refuge takeover one year ago. He was not indicted for his role in the occupation and the weapons charge was not connected to the incident. View