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LOS LUNAS, [NM]--An attempt to liberate a man held at the Valencia County Detention Center last week ended with the inmate staying in his cell and four additional people being arrested and charged. On Wednesday, Feb. 1, the U.S. Marshals Service brought Andrew Pankotai, 35, to VCDC to await extradition on a bench warrant out of Pennsylvania. Pankotai, and his wife, Dixie Pankotai, 34, have lived in Belen for nearly a year after he allegedly absconded from Pennsylvania after pleading guilty to one felony count of burglary. When the date of his sentencing came on Dec. 30, Pankotai consulted with his lawyer, didn’t like what he heard and left the courtroom, said county Sheriff Robert Wolfe. V  

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GREENWOOD, [IN]--Authorities say an Indianapolis man accused of planning an act of domestic terrorism has been sentenced on unrelated charges. Thirty-one-year-old Christopher Byrne faces five years for charges of operating a vehicle after being a habitual traffic offender and carrying a handgun as a convicted felon. The charges stem from a February 2015 arrest. In the terrorism case, authorities say Byrne was arrested last year after a search of his car revealed a rifle, ammunition and liquids that when mixed form a toxic and combustible gas. Police say Byrne told them he was a "sovereign national" and refused to provide identification. The sovereign citizen movement claims the United States  

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MIDDLESEX COUNTY, [NJ]--An anti-government felon who once tried to bill a judge and a police officer each for $1 million has lost yet another appeal of an illegal gun conviction. Paul J. Burnette, a self-identified follower of the extremist sovereign citizens movement, appealed after he pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of an assault rifle and was sentenced to three years with no parole ineligibility. Burnette is among many recent bizarre legal cases involving adherents of a sometimes violent, sometimes racist movement who don’t believe they should pay taxes or follow laws. Burnette’s possession of a handgun had violated his parole from a 2011 aggravated assault case that stemmed fro  

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RIVER FALLS, [MN]--Early morning Wednesday, Dec. 21, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office carried out orders from the Circuit Court to remove occupants and personal property from a house that was sold two months ago at a Sheriff’s Sale. Enforcement of the “Writ of Assistance” was conducted at 7 a.m. at 1864 Morning Glory Dr. in the city of River Falls with help from River Falls Police and St. Croix County Sheriff’s Office. The address is very close to River Falls High School. The house on Morning Glory Drive was still occupied by the previous owner, Taylor Formanack. Formanack was given formal notice to vacate on Nov. 8 but allegedly refused to leave. Formanack and his family submitt  

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KAILUA-KONA, [HI]--The state’s Intermediate Court of Appeals Tuesday dismissed a Hawaii man’s claim that he is “not subject to the governance” of the state, instead arguing he is a national of the Hawaiian Kingdom. The man, Ronald Dale Cawthon, was appealing a conviction for driving without a valid driver’s license and driving without motor vehicle insurance. In his appeal, Cawthon argued that the District Court of the 3rd Circuit, which covers Hawaii County, lacked jurisdiction to hear the case. Cawthon argued that because there was no “proper transfer of sovereign power” between the Hawaiian Kingdom to the United States, both the kingdom and state of Hawaii operate in the isl  

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HILO, [HI]--A 60-year-old Kalapana Seaview Estates man has been forced to abdicate his castle-like home in the remote lower Puna subdivision to take up residence in a cellblock. A Hilo Circuit judge sentenced John “Castle John” Williams to 10 years in prison for first-degree burglary, third-degree assault and two counts of second-degree terroristic threatening. The home where the offenses occurred, also built and once owned by Williams, is called the “gingerbread house” because it resembles the dwelling in the fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel.” Williams and three other men entered the home Jan. 10, 2015, and threatened the occupants, Joshua Jendro and Anna Johnson, ordering them to   

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POLK CITY, [FL]--A member of a sovereign citizens group was arrested in Pasco County on a Polk County warrant charging him with armed kidnapping and armed false imprisonment. Ronnie Davis, 48, was accused of forbidding a woman who had traveled from Texas to write a story about him from leaving the group's Polk City-area compound that houses him and between 10 and 20 other members of his sovereign citizens group, The Bears Law and Forensics Team, according to the Polk County Sheriff's Office. So-called sovereign citizens typically deny the legitimacy of the federal government, as well as holding a variety of other anti-government beliefs. The woman told Polk County deputies that Davis, who wa  

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LAS VEGAS, [NV]--Carol and Myles Catania were living in a hotel, having been evicted from their suburban Las Vegas house, when they got a call from someone named Tom. He didn’t give his last name and wouldn’t say where he worked, but he offered them a sliver of good news: They could come back for their stuff. When they drove up, however, the bank-owned home was getting tossed. Strangers were throwing their belongings into trash bags, and one man told a laborer that once they got the safes open, he could take what he wanted. A few days later, a man named Thomas Benson sued for the property. And several weeks after that, he said police and federal agents raided his house with semi-automati  

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SEMINOLE COUNTY, [FL]--A little-known religious sect that's accused of using bogus property deeds to torment local homeowners. The deeds were filed within the last three years. The anti-government group uses its own courts and laws, but Todd Ulrich found it can do real damage. Valerie Edwards had just bought an Altamonte Springs home when her family received a troubling document. It was a lawsuit that threatened to take away the house. “It certainly had all the trappings of a legal document,” said Edwards. The Moorish Science Temple, an obscure religious sect, sued for a default judgment to take over the property. But the lawsuit was filed in the Temple's own Supreme Court, so it seemed  

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WILKENSBURG, [PA]--A man on trial for allegedly murdering his baby daughter was found guilty of multiple charges on Monday. Lincoln Levys was found guilty of third degree murder, aggravated assault of a child under thirteen and bodily injury, endangering the welfare of a child and drug possession. Levys, 29, was accused of abusing his 5-week-old daughter Saige at their Wilkinsburg home. A medical examiner who testified at trial said the baby had a broken rib and arm, along with gouge marks on her face and bruises on her body. Some of the injuries were healing, and could have been inflicted when the baby was only 2-weeks-old. Levys was not present for any of the testimony after outbursts i