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SUFFOLK, [NY]--One day after skipping jury selection at his own murder trial, a man accused of firing the fatal shot in a January 2013 Flanders home invasion returned to the courtroom. Messiah Booker, 32, informed attorneys and the judge presiding over the case that he would attend the second day of jury selection Wednesday after exercising his right to be absent a day earlier. Booker again referred to himself as “the beneficiary of the trust” and a “sovereign citizen,” while this time ultimately deciding that he wished to remain in court. Booker is one of four people charged with second-degree murder and first-degree burglary — and the first to stand trial — following the Prisc  

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AUSTIN, [TX]--The Austin man, accused of plotting a mass shooting by an FBI informant, may have ties to the group, sovereign citizens. In Steven Boehle's arrest warrant, the same confidential informant claims Boehle "exhibits sovereign citizen extremism ideology." The group's criminal elements have been tracked by Austin police for years. Austin police commander, Darryl Jamail, said they have seen an increase of sovereign citizens and cases involving them. For police, dealing with people who don't believe in the government can be dangerous. Commander Jamail is over the Austin Regional Intelligence Center. He said they only track people who break laws. Not groups, like sovereign citizens that  

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PORTLAND, [OR]--It’s Tax Day and the federal trial against a man accused of trying to illegally obtain trillions of dollars is set to begin. According to court documents, Winston Shrout, of Hillsboro, is representing himself. He is charged with multiple counts of willful failure to file return and fictitious obligations. The government alleges that Shrout operated a business using the name “Winston Shrout Solutions in Commerce.” He reportedly received payments for services as a presenter at seminars, received licensing fees and received regular pension payments from a pension trust. Starting sometime in 2008, and continuing through 2015, Shrout came up with a scheme to defraud banks an  

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AUSTIN, [TX]--A man is facing firearm charges after the Federal Bureau of Investigation received a tip he was planning a mass shooting. According to a criminal complaint filed with the U.S. District Court, a source told the FBI that Steven Boehle, 50, was showing signs he supported a “sovereign citizen extremist ideology” that holds anti-government views. The complaint didn’t release any other details about Boehle’s ties to a potential shooting, but it did say he attempted to buy a gun multiple times in the Austin area but was denied because of his criminal history. Last week, Austin police and several other agencies got a search warrant for Boehle’s apartment on St. John’s Avenu  

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JACKSONVILLE, [FL]--A 53-year-old Jacksonville woman has been indicted with 10 counts of possession of counterfeit government checks in connection with her involvement in an anti-government group, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. If convicted, Verdell Terria Jones faces up to 25 years in federal prison on each of count. Jones was arrested on April 11 at her home in Jacksonville. According to facts presented at the detention hearing Thursday, this scheme is part of Jones’ involvement with the Sovereign Citizen Movement and her attempts to pass counterfeit government checks in order to pay off various loans. The movement involves citizens who do not believe they are subject to gove  

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KNOXVILLE, [TN]--Lee Howard Cromwell doesn't believe a state-issued driver's license is valid for traveling on public roads. The 67-year-old self-proclaimed "sovereign citizen" also doesn't believe attorneys represent the court system, which he considers to be under the domain of maritime law by order of the the 28th Congress in 1845. But he does appear to believe in the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Cromwell for 30 minutes Wednesday invoked the right against self-incrimination for almost every question posed to him during a deposition at the Anderson County Courthouse. Cromwell in February was one of 11 people indicted by a Davidson County grand jury on felony charges of forgery  

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OAK RIDGE, [TN]--The sentencing of a man convicted of a fatal drive through a crowd of people at a fireworks show was postponed Tuesday after relations soured between the man and his attorney. After victims waited more than an hour in Anderson County Criminal Court for Lee Howard Cromwell's sentencing hearing to begin, they were told the proceeding was postponed. Cromwell's relatives also waited in the courtroom. No new date for hearing has been set. Cromwell, 67, was convicted Feb. 15 on one count of vehicular homicide and eight counts of aggravated assault for driving a truck into a crowd gathered to watch fireworks at A. K. Bissell Park in Oak Ridge on July 4, 2015. Julia Robinson was amo  

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BERKELEY SPRINGS, [WV]--Last June, three men were killed in an ambush-style attack in Morgan County, West Virginia. The suspect, who authorities said was a self-proclaimed "sovereign citizen" preparing for the "end of times," returned to court Tuesday morning for a status hearing. Erick Shute was indicted by a grand jury, after police said he hid behind a tree and gunned down Jack Douglas, Willie Bartley and Travis Bartley, following a verbal dispute. He later said he felt threatened, because the men destroyed a makeshift fence near his property. Shute has pleaded not guilty to his charges. Prosecutors are still waiting on a report from a ballistics expert, while the defense is seeking an  

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GREENSBORO, [NC]--A man who refused to give his name was charged with concealing a stolen loaded pistol in his pants, according to the Davidson County Sheriff's Office. Deputies responded to a report of a suspicious person Thursday on Interstate 85 in Linwood and later discovered the concealed gun had been stolen in Greensboro. The man, arrested Thursday as "John Doe," claimed to be a Sovereign Citizen, referencing a group of people who don't believe they are subject to government laws. The man is charged with resisting a public officer, carrying a concealed weapon and possession of a stolen firearm. He received a $50,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on May 5. View More>>  

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ROCHELLE PARK, [NJ]--Police arrested two self-described "sovereign citizens" in Rochelle Park after the two got into a physical altercation with police. The incident involved a Hackensack driver involved in a car crash and a female friend who showed up at the scene, and it escalated to the point where police used pepper spray against the man, who was not complying with police orders, in order to subdue him. During the March 31 incident, Rochelle Park police were investigating a car crash on Central Avenue. They asked the driver to provide his license, registration and insurance information, which he refused to do. Instead, the suspect, who would only give his name, Wayne Hall, handed over a