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WASHINGTON, [DC]--The deadline to file your taxes is less than a month away, but there are various tax-related scams on the rise that could cost you thousands of dollars. Most of us know about the IRS phone scam where fake IRS agents trick people into wiring thousands of dollars. But there are other new, tax-related scams hitting hard this season, as well as a warning about some tax preparers. It's tax time - and the IRS says it's also the season for scammers. Experts say you need to be on guard for strangers who may use your social security number to file a fake tax return - or even questionable "tax preparers" cooking the books for themselves. Perpetrators of illegal schemes can face signi  

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COQUILLE, [OR]--Coquille preacher Ronald Joling and his wife, Dorothea, won’t get another chance to avoid sentencing in a $1.2-million tax evasion case. A U.S. Magistrate judge on Wednesday said the couple — who became fugitives after skipping an April sentencing date — represent a flight risk, and ordered them detained until they can be sentenced Dec. 10. The Jolings were arrested in rural Arizona earlier this month. A federal jury in Eugene last year found the couple guilty of conspiring to defraud the government. The jury also returned guilty verdicts against Ronald Joling, 71, for tax evasion and filing false tax returns, but acquitted his 72-year-old wife of a tax evasion charge.   

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OMAHA, [NE]--Chet Lee West, 59, of Nebo, North Carolina, still is convinced he found a loophole in the federal tax code that doesn’t require him to pay income taxes. Six months after West was convicted of three counts of felony tax evasion, he makes daily phone calls from jail to his supporters, claiming he has beat the federal government. During these calls, West encourages others to forgo paying income taxes, just as he had done before he was convicted during a jury trial in February. On Tuesday, West, who acted as his own attorney, asked a federal judge to release him and not require him to pay his tax liability. He also asked the judge to expunge his record of all crimes. He spewed ant  

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SACRAMENTO, [CA]—A Manteca couple have been indicted on federal charges of filing false tax returns totaling $400,000 in refunds and filing liens against Internal Revenue Service property. Robert Eldon Robertson and his wife, Esther Lynne Robertson, filed two federal income tax returns using fake 1099 forms, according to the indictment. For the 2005 tax year, they claimed a $90,538 refund and for 2007, they filed for a $313,248 refund. Federal prosecutors also say the defendants each filed false liens against property of the IRS Commissioner. They sent a fraudulent "international promissory note" requesting the IRS apply the $800,000 face value of the note to their outstanding tax liabil  

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SAN ANTONIO, [TX]—A special agent for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) testified Thursday that defense contractor Daniel Thody knowingly avoided paying income taxes on nearly $2 million of contracts with the Department of Defense. Thody, 46, is serving as his own attorney and faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted of all five federal charges of tax evasion. The defense contractor who lived in San Antonio, Comal County and Blanco County is accused of using a publishing company from 2005 to 2011 as a front to hide $1.8 million in income he earned from his work as  a contractor. During testimony, agents claimed that Thody spoke at length about his desire to have the federal gove  

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PLAINFIELD, [NH]—Federal officials preparing to sell the New Hampshire compound of a tax-evading couple convicted of amassing an arsenal of weapons can't guarantee that explosives and other booby traps aren't hidden on the 103-acre spread. In fact, they will openly warn bidders that land mines might be planted throughout Ed and Elaine Brown's bucolic property in the small town of Plainfield. And they say prospective buyers won't be allowed on the grounds until they submit a winning bid that frees the government of liability for dismemberment or death. The Browns, who do not recognize the federal government's authority to tax its citizens, were in a nine-month standoff with authorities in  

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KNOXVILLE, [TN]—A federal jury today convicted a former Gatlinburg businessman in a scheme to beat the IRS in the tax game. A U.S. District Court jury deliberated roughly seven hours over two days before finding David Miner guilty of plotting to impede and harass IRS agents and twice failing to file income tax returns. For $1,200, Miner sold a program to "decode" via an IRS manual a client's Individual Master File, or IMF, which uses computer codes to document a person's tax history, point out errors and write letters demanding the IRS fix those problems. Miner also advised clients to target specific IRS agents with threats and civil and criminal litigation, testimony has shown. Miner c  

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KNOXVILLE, [TN]—Just in time for income tax season, two federal court juries are getting a glimpse this week into the world of tax protesters. In two separate courtrooms in U.S. District Court, a couple accused of using the "sovereign citizens" playbook to fight tax charges and a businessman charged with teaching the art of tax evasion were simultaneously standing trial on Tuesday, March19. Federal prosecutors wrapped up their case against Knoxville engineer James E. Beavers and his wife, Beverly S. Beavers.  One floor up, an Assistant U.S. Attorney launched his case against Gatlinburg businessman David Miner. The Beavers are accused of plotting to trick the IRS out of nearly $1 milli  

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MILWAUKEE, [WI]—The president of a Delafield chemical company who claimed to be a "sovereign citizen" not subject to the IRS is headed to federal prison. James A. Stuart Jr., 68, of Hartland, is also the majority owner of New Age Chemical. He was convicted in December 2011 of three counts of tax evasion, after a jury rejected the classic tax protester defenses offered by the same attorney who had represented actor Wesley Snipes on tax related charges. According to court records, Stuart had filed normal tax returns until 2005, when he stopped, and also began filing amended returns from prior years seeking refunds of all taxes paid. About the same time, he began similar tax battles over h  

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WORCESTER, [MA]—A former Uxbridge woman has been sentenced in U.S. District Court to 5 years in prison for conspiring to defraud the United States of tax income and for obstructing the Internal Revenue Service. Catherine Floyd, 57, of Sambornville, N.H., was sentenced last week by Judge F. Dennis Saylor IV. Ms. Floyd was ordered, along with her husband, William Scott Dion, to pay $3 million in restitution. The three defendants who stood trial were convicted of promoting and using multiple tax fraud schemes. In addition, Mr. Dion and Ms. Floyd were convicted of defrauding the IRS with an “underground warehousing banking” ruse to conceal customer income and assets from the IRS. Pr