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WILLIAMSPORT, [PA]--Despite a plea from his father, a Virginia man who prosecutors say it a member of a white nationalist organization that was illegally trying to get guns and ammunition, will remain in jail without bail. The decision by U.S. Middle District Judge Wiliam I. Arbuckle III came after a prosecutor said Justin Daniel Lough, 27, of Waynesboro, Va., met with an undercover operative in Harrisburg earlier this year and told him he wanted all the guns he could get. Lough and four other men are charged with illegally trying to obtain guns, including machine gun parts, distributing methamphetamine and money laundering. The men, prosecutors say, are all members of the Aryan Strikeforce,  

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PITTSBURGH, [PA]--Hardy Lloyd is a self-proclaimed neo-Nazi recently released from prison. He was recently captured on video disrupting an anti-hate demonstration last month in Mount Lebanon. But, now, he’s back in jail. Lloyd is being held for trial for violating his probation for the Mount Lebanon incident and other acts, including distributing white supremacist fliers in the city’s East End. Lloyd repeatedly denied that he was responsible for the literature. But, as evidence, the U.S. Attorney presented a surveillance picture of Lloyd dropping racist fliers on a street in Shadyside. Lloyd was also caught on camera in the Carnegie Mellon University bookstore. Shortly after he left the  

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PORTLAND, [OR]--On Friday afternoon, roughly a dozen “formers” gathered near Portland, ready to make their way up to Mount Hood. Some flew in from across the country. One traveled from Australia. Others drove less than an hour, from their homes in Oregon and Washington. “Former” is short for a former white supremacist or extremist. All of them were headed to a private weekend retreat up on Mount Hood to talk about what drove them to hate so many people for so long and how they can help others walk away from hate. So, now, they help others quit. Their group is called “Life After Hate." Founded in 2011 in Chicago, the nonprofit’s profile skyrocketed this year after Neo-Nazis and K  

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GRANTS PASS, [OR]--A group that bills itself as the "foremost alt-right group" in the Pacific Northwest has been putting up posters in downtown Grants Pass. A group calling itself "True Cascadia" plastered posters that said "White, Proud, Unapologetic" near a bank and a coffee shop, and police had to remove swastikas from an electricity box. Posters warning against the Black Lives Matter movement were found in multiple locations around town. David James of Grants Pass says he noticed them Tuesday when senior softball players got together for a game at a park. They had been placed in at least six of eight dugouts, and on power poles and on electricity boxes. Some have been torn down, but th  

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HOUSTON, [TX]--Dozens of fliers and stickers promoting neo-Nazi propaganda were found at the University of Houston (UH) this week, the latest incident associated with an increase in white supremacist activity on campuses nationwide. The fliers, found on bulletin boards, walls, trash bins, and lamp posts at the university’s main campus on Tuesday, included phrases such as, “Beware the International Jew” and “Imagine a Muslim-Free America,” according to a statement shared online by UH’s chapter of the Young Communist League (YCL). The phrases are associated with the extremist group Vanguard America, which “has engaged in unprecedented outreach efforts to attract students on Ameri  

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NEWNAN, [GA]--Six suspected members of a local motorcycle gang are now in jail, and are alleged to have ties to hate groups. Investigators said the recent arrests stemmed from a lengthy investigation into the Iron Cross Motorcycle Club, an organization that operated out of a home on 66 E. Jones St. in Newnan. In 2014, investigators from the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office began making a concentrated effort into combating street gangs, hate groups, anti-government organizations and all outlaw motorcycle clubs, also known as “1 percenters.” The name derives from the idea that 99 percent of motorcycle clubs are law-abiding, while “1-percenters” don’t consider themselves subject to th  

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Gatineau, Quebec, [CN]--The Northern Guard, a new conservative ultranationalist group, intends to protest against what they falsely call "illegal immigration" on September 30 in Lacolle, Quebec alongside the Storm Alliance, and in Ottawa, in front of the federal Parliament. Formed by a number of former members of Soldiers of Odin, this men-only group claims they want to "defend the country against its internal enemies." Two members of the Northern Guard met with the media at a tavern in Gatineau, Le Petit Canot, which also serves as a regular meeting place for the group. Nationally, they have about 300 members, according to the Facebook page of the group founded in June in Moncton by Nick Ga  

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PITTSBURGH, [PA]--White supremacist and neo-Nazi literature has been circulating for the past several weeks in Squirrel Hill, where the city’s Jewish community is centered. Police  confirmed people have found business cards in their mailboxes with a swastika on the front and a noose on the back with the words, “It’s not illegal to be white...yet. The stickers circulated ontain the message “White People Rock” and information about the “Church of Creativity.” The organization is part of the Creativity Alliance, which the Southern Poverty Law Center as a neo-Nazi group. According to the newspaper, the FBI is aware of the neo-Nazi literature and is advising that people should noti  

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UNITED STATES, [US]--Two weeks before the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, about 300 white supremacists converged outside Nashville with far less fanfare. The occasion was the annual American Renaissance conference, where speakers celebrated the rising political fortunes of white nationalism and discussed the movement’s future. Several of those speakers belong to the shadowy world of nonprofits that espouse white supremacy. Associates of three of the most influential organizations in this space, the Charles Martel Society, New Century Foundation and VDare Foundation, addressed attendees. Over recent years, these groups have pulled in a small but steady stream of tax-exem  

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WARRENTON, [VA]--Dozens of fliers associated with the self-described “southern nationalist” and “alt-right” group Identity Dixie were found tacked to utility poles throughout Old Town Warrenton Saturday, hours before the participants of an anti-white supremacy march were scheduled to march through the area The fliers included the slogans “HONOR YOUR HISTORY,” under drawings of Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson; and “WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXIST,” under a black-and-white photo of white children saluting the American flag. The website listed on the fliers promotes racist, derogatory and homophobic views in its posts. The fliers were discovered by a few Old Town Wa