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UNITED STATES, [US]--We begin with a second horrific terrorist attack in the U.K. that has left 7 innocents dead and 48 wounded and 3 terrorists shot dead by police with 12 more suspects arrested. Nafeez Ahmed, the editor-in-chief of Insurgeintelligence at medium.com and a weekly columnist for Middle East Eye, joins us from London to discuss his latest article at Insurgeintelligence “The Manchester Bombings as Blowback” and the role of the British Intelligence services in covertly supporting jihadist groups in Syria and Libya. Then we speak with Anders Aslund, a professor at the Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies at Georgetown University and a senior fellow at the Atl  

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PORTLAND, [OR]--In February 2016, 15 months before he was accused of stabbing three people on a train in Portland, Oregon, and killing two, Jeremy Christian pledged to kill whoever was elected president of the United States: “I Hereby Solemnly swear to Die trying to Kill Hillary (Herself a filthy Murderess) Clinton and Donald Trump should they be elected to the post of President in my faire country on (sic) Vinland,” Christian wrote in a Facebook post. Then he pledged his threat to an ancient Nordic god, as well as Hindu and Egyptian goddesses: “This I swear to Odin, Kali, Bastet and all other Pagan Gods and Goddesses in my Aryan Theosophical Nucleus. This is my duty as a Viking and Pa  

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UNITED STATES, [US]--The anti-Muslim white supremacist charged with murdering two men in Portland, Oregon, when they intervened in his bigoted tirade at two teenagers is the kind of extremist that former Department of Homeland Security official Daryl Johnson worried about. Eight years ago, working in the department’s now-defunct Extremism and Radicalization Branch, Johnson authored a memo intended to warn law enforcement about the threat posed by right-wing extremists. It wasn’t just the election of the first black president, he wrote, but the troubled economic situation, the divisive political climate, and angry rhetoric about immigrants and outsiders that could spark attacks. Right-win  

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TAMPA, [FL]--A possible right-wing terror cell was uncovered this week in Tampa following the news that a former neo-Nazi who shot and killed two of his roommates in North Tampa last week claimed the two young men who were killed were also neo-Nazis who had disrespected his recent conversion to Islam. The gunman told authorities he had been a neo-Nazi before becoming Muslim. A fourth roommate was discovered to be stockpiling materials including ammonium nitrate and the radioactive elements that could be used to create a bomb. That roommate, a member of the Florida National Guard, kept a picture of Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, on his dresser. Both the alleged shooter and the all  

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UNITED STATES, [US]--The three men in Virginia wanted to start a race war. They planned to rob a jewelry store and use the money to stockpile guns, ammo and explosives. Then they would charge into churches and synagogues, slaughtering as many people as possible in the name of their religion. The man in Kansas wanted to kill as many Jewish people as possible. So he drove to two Jewish centers, where he shot and killed three people, all of them Christians. He told the court that sentenced him to death that he had mistaken his victims for Jews. “I wanted to kill Jews, not people,” he said. Across the country in Spokane, Washington, another man plotted to kill President Barack Obama. Prosecu  

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UNITED STATES, [US]--There have been 150 plots and attacks compiled in “ A Dark and Constant Rage: 25 Years of Right-Wing Terrorism in the United States,” a new report from the Anti-Defamation League provided in advance exclusively to Newsweek. It makes clear that even as political rhetoric and public discourse focus on what the ADL report calls “radical Islamic terror,” there is a steady stream of violence carried out by right-wing extremists. “The very real specter of radical Islamic terror in the United States has existed alongside an equally serious threat of terror from right-wing extremist groups and individuals,” the report says, attributing the lower awareness in part to   

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UNITED STATES, [US]--In 2014, militias from around the country rallied to support the Nevada ranching family in the biggest armed standoff against the government in decades. In the desert town of Bunkerville, they saw themselves as part of a brand-new movement, united in defiance of the federal government. But the patriots, as they call themselves, have roots in an anti-government militia movement that emerged in the 1990s from bloody confrontations with federal agents. Today, the movement has evolved: they’re savvier, better organized — and they’ve stepped into the mainstream, with websites, Facebook pages and public events. The new militias have filled their ranks by drawing on popul  

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BUNKERVILLE, [NV]--Federal agents admit they were taken by surprise at Bunkerville. But years before the standoff, a few people had already heard rumblings of a gathering storm. It was 2007, and the presidential campaign was in full swing. At the Department of Homeland Security, intelligence analyst Daryl Johnson was starting to see paramilitary training and militia propaganda videos popping up online. There were hundreds of them. Some detailed field survival skills and tips on firing various weapons. Others talked about lynching government officials. A mild-mannered conservative, Johnson had been fascinated by domestic extremists since his youth. Now he led a team dedicated to studying them  

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UNITED STATES, [US]--n 2009, Daryl Johnson, a career federal intelligence analyst, wrote a report predicting a resurgence of what he called “rightwing extremism”. Republicans were enraged by what they saw as politically motivated alarmism conflating nonviolent conservative and libertarian groups with terrorists, and especially angry at the report’s prediction that Iraq and Afghanistan veterans would be targets for recruitment by extremist groups. Johnson defended the report’s conclusions as the product of reasoned and nonpartisan analysis. An Eagle Scout and registered Republican raised in a conservative Mormon family, he says he was particularly perplexed by the accusation that he w  

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UNITED STATES, [US]--Today is the 22nd anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing; 168 people died in that attack carried out by Timothy McVeigh. McVeigh sympathized with armed right-wing militia groups. These groups are still active, gaining members online, and honing their combat skills in training camps. The Georgia Security Force, which is part of the 3 Percent Militia Movement, is one of the nation’s largest armed right-wing groups. They believe only 3 percent of colonial Americans fought the Revolutionary War, yet were able to overthrow British rule. Historians say the number of male colonists who fought in the conflict, closer to 25 percent. According to the Anti-Defamation League, mo