August 3, 2017 Posted by Daryl Johnson in Anarchist Movement

SAINT-HENRI, QUEBEC, [CN]--Organized anarchists are suspected of being behind a violent spate of vandalism in Saint-Henri that has rattled residents and left many wondering what's next. But within the anarchist community divisions are emerging about the strategy behind the recent anti-gentrification attacks. The latest incident to cause concern among Saint-Henri residents was the deliberate burning of four cars on Léa Roback Street on July 14. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack and police haven't explicitly linked it to anti-gentrification anarchists, but Montreal police Cmdr. Sylvain Parent said it fits an established pattern. In recent years, a number of Saint-Henri businesses, mostly on Notre-Dame Street, have been vandalized. Anarchists have claimed responsibility for many of the attacks, citing their opposition to the historically working class neighborhood's shift towards condominium developments and upscale restaurants. If police do make the link between the recent arson attacks and Saint-Henri's anti-gentrification movement, it would bring the number of open investigations of such incidents in the neighborhood to four. View More>>

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