February 10, 2018 Posted by Daryl Johnson in Doomsday Prepper

BOISE, [ID]--When American student Tara Westover arrived at Cambridge and found herself living in the magnificent surroundings of King’s College, her joy in her achievement was muted by a deep sense of unworthiness. After her tutor, a senior professor of history, described an essay she’d written as one of the best he’d read in 30 years, those feelings intensified and her self-loathing boiled over. After suffering so much abuse as a child, such praise came as ‘poison’ to her. Just being at Cambridge had put into ‘great relief every violent and degrading moment of my life’. For Tara had endured an extraordinary childhood in the backwoods of Idaho. She had never attended school — the authorities didn’t even know of her existence. Her parents so distrusted the outside world that they hadn’t registered her birth. Beyond the barest of home schooling, Tara’s ‘education’ was geared to how to prepare for what her fundamentalist Mormon family called the Days of Abomination, the inevitable end of the world prophesied in the Bible when ‘the sun would turn to darkness and the moon to blood’. She knew little of the world beyond the brutally hard and impoverished existence on a remote mountainside farm with paranoid, survivalist parents who would rather let their seven children die than use modern medicine. And yet, this determined young woman managed to turn her life around and win a scholarship to Cambridge, where she later studied for a PhD. Now, 31 and living in Britain, Tara has revealed her remarkable story and amazing resilience in a critically acclaimed autobiography. View More>>

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