March 2, 2013 Posted by Daryl Johnson in Sovereign Citizen Movement

LOS ANGELES, [CA]—A Los Angeles Airport Police officer who was fired from his job in May following a complaint that he pulled a handgun on two employees of his former business partner has been reinstated following a civil service hearing. Rodney Rouzan, an officer since 2000, won his appeal Thursday to get his job back after a Los Angeles Board of Civil Service Commissioners examiner found no evidence that he pulled a gun at his Antelope Valley home in 2010. The former Airport Police Chief fired Rouzan in May for committing illegal behavior. The chief's report showed Rouzan had previously been suspended for violating department rules, and that his agency's officials alleged he was a follower of the sovereign citizen movement. Rouzan said the allegations against him were untrue and that he never pulled a gun. He said department officials wanted to get rid of him because of his political beliefs. Rouzan denied he was a member of the sovereign citizen movement, but called himself a "constitutionalist" who preaches the word of the Constitution, which he believes sometimes conflicts with municipal laws, including some dealing with gun ownership. View More>>

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