April 1, 2017 Posted by Daryl Johnson in Sovereign Citizen Movement

ROCHELLE PARK, [NJ]--Police arrested two self-described "sovereign citizens" in Rochelle Park after the two got into a physical altercation with police. The incident involved a Hackensack driver involved in a car crash and a female friend who showed up at the scene, and it escalated to the point where police used pepper spray against the man, who was not complying with police orders, in order to subdue him. During the March 31 incident, Rochelle Park police were investigating a car crash on Central Avenue. They asked the driver to provide his license, registration and insurance information, which he refused to do. Instead, the suspect, who would only give his name, Wayne Hall, handed over a card that stated he had "The Right to Travel, The Right to Mode of Conveyance, The Right to Locomotion and the police cannot make void the exercise of Rights." View More>>

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