August 1, 2017 Posted by Daryl Johnson in Sovereign Citizen Movement

DELAFIELD, [WI]--U.S. marshals on July 24 arrested Delafield resident James Stuart Jr. for failure to appear at his scheduled probation revocation hearing in federal court, an agency spokesman confirmed. Stuart, 72, who considers himself a "sovereign citizen" not bound by U.S. tax law, was indicted and convicted in 2012 of tax evasion in the Eastern District of Wisconsin. He was sentenced to 33 months in prison, $6,000 in fines and three years of probation. He was arrested, with the assistance of the Delafield Police Department, at his home in the 2400 block of Hirschman Lane.  Federal court records indicate that a magistrate judge issued an order July 25 committing Stuart to the marshals' custody pending further proceedings in his case. View More>>

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