September 25, 2017 Posted by Daryl Johnson in White Supremacist Movement

PORTLAND, [OR]--On Friday afternoon, roughly a dozen “formers” gathered near Portland, ready to make their way up to Mount Hood. Some flew in from across the country. One traveled from Australia. Others drove less than an hour, from their homes in Oregon and Washington. “Former” is short for a former white supremacist or extremist. All of them were headed to a private weekend retreat up on Mount Hood to talk about what drove them to hate so many people for so long and how they can help others walk away from hate. So, now, they help others quit. Their group is called “Life After Hate." Founded in 2011 in Chicago, the nonprofit’s profile skyrocketed this year after Neo-Nazis and Klansman marched through Charlottesville. Since then, members have made appearances on the Sunday morning political scene and the late night comedy stage. Last year, around this time, the group received a few calls or emails a day from people looking to leave organizations like the Ku Klux Klan, the Skinheads and others. Now Life After Hate gets roughly half a dozen calls and emails a day from people looking to leave extremist groups, including calls from the Pacific Northwest. Leaders estimate, so far, they’ve helped hundreds separate themselves from violent extremist groups. Chairman of the Oregon Coalition Against Hate Crime, Dr. Randy Blazak, isn’t surprised Life After Hate’s tactics are working. View More>>

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