January 9, 2018 Posted by Daryl Johnson in White Supremacist Movement

TAMPA, [FL]--Last year, a judge overturned Dean McKee’s 1988 murder conviction for the murder a of homeless black man, Isaiah Walker. Today, McKee walked out of the Hillsborough County jail a free man with certain “conditions.” McKee was released on an appeal bond after the Innocence Project Florida took his case back in 2011. A homeless black man, Isaiah Walker, 41, was killed on the steps of the Tampa Museum of Art on December 20, 1987.  McKee and his older brother Scott were self proclaimed neo-Nazi skinheads. Scott testified his younger brother stabbed Walker. Because of his testimony against Dean and a guilty plea for attempted murder, Scott was given a more lenient sentence serving less than a year in prison. The state of Florida is appealing the court’s decision. If they lose the appeal they can decide whether to drop the case or refile charges against McKee. Dean’s older brother Scott is a convicted sex offender. He served more time in prison for that crime than his guilty plea for premeditated first degree murder. Because of the Double Jeopardy law, Scott McKee, can’t be tried twice for the same crime. View More>>

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