October 27, 2017 Posted by Daryl Johnson in Media Interviews

WASHINGTON, [DC]--Nobody seems to know what drove Stephen Paddock to start firing into a crowd of festival-goers in Las Vegas earlier this month, killing 58 and injuring more than 540 people. The FBI is remaining tight-lipped about what it has found about Paddock’s motive, if anything. The Islamic State quickly claimed responsibility for the attack, asserting that Paddock had converted to Islam months before. But this theory soon was cut down by investigators and experts on radical Islamic terrorism, who said there was no evidence to support the Islamic State’s claim. Meanwhile, experts in another field of extremism are beginning to ask a new question: Did Paddock share the beliefs of a loose-knit group of anti-government and tax protesters, some of whom call themselves “sovereign citizens?” This is nothing more than a question. But two of the foremost experts in domestic terrorism told us this week that they’re actively investigating whether Paddock was aligned with anti-government or anti-tax groups. “There’s several red flags or, if you want to call it smoke, that’s caught my interest, and I want to know where the fire is,” said Daryl Johnson, who spent six years as the senior domestic terrorism analyst at the Department of Homeland Security. JJ MacNab, probably the country’s foremost expert on extremist anti-tax groups, said there’s a lot in Paddock’s past to suggest that he might have had an anti-government, anti-tax bent, though she stressed the evidence is inconclusive. The key indicators Johnson and MacNab point to include the fact that Paddock once worked for the IRS. And his government job coincided with an extremely active period for anti-tax extremists, MacNab said. View More>>

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