November 10, 2017 Posted by Daryl Johnson in Media Interviews

THORNTON, [CO]--Last week, a 47-year-old man allegedly walked into a Walmart north of Denver and shot several shoppers, killing three. You probably didn’t hear about this shooting, since it happened on the day after a terrorist attack in Manhattan, which killed eight, and a few days before a church shooting in Texas, in which 26 people died. But evidence is growing that Scott Ostrem, the accused shooter, was motivated by his hatred of Latinos. Numerous media outlets have reported that Ostrem, who is accused of killing three people of Hispanic descent, had long expressed hatred toward the Hispanic community. Ostrem “was very racist towards Hispanics,” one of his neighbors told local media. Another said he was “verbally abusive towards Hispanics.” In an analysis for the Southern Poverty Law Center, Daryl Johnson, who spent six years as the senior domestic terrorism analyst at the Department of Homeland Security, said the crucial question in the Colorado attack is whether Ostrem “aspired to use his attack to further a larger political or social objective.” If he did, that would make it an act of terrorism, he writes. Johnson writes: “For now, only Ostrem knows the intent behind these murders. It’s now up to investigators to explore this question in an attempt to provide answers.” View More>>

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