September 14, 2017 Posted by Daryl Johnson in Media Interviews

NEW YORK CITY, [NY]--Samantha Bee spoofed the opening sequence to the Showtime spy thriller “Homeland” on Wednesday to make a serious point about domestic terrorism. The “Full Frontal” host channeled Carrie Mathison as she went “looking for a way to fight back” against white supremacy, which she described as America’s “hottest summer trend” for 2017. During her mission, Bee met with former Homeland Security analyst Daryl Johnson, who said the threat of domestic terrorism was being vastly overlooked. “A bulk of the terrorist attacks in this country are coming from right-wing extremists who are white terrorists,” Johnson said. “These attacks happen practically on a monthly basis.” Bee also interviewed some former neo-Nazis, including Christian Picciolini who was forced to crowdfund his anti-white terrorist outreach group Life After Hate after the Trump administration stripped its $400,000 grant. With some additional help from “Portlandia” stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, Bee came up with what could be the best way to “destroy” white supremacists’ hate. View More>>

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