April 19, 2017 Posted by Daryl Johnson in Media Interviews

UNITED STATES, [US]--Today is the 22nd anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing; 168 people died in that attack carried out by Timothy McVeigh. McVeigh sympathized with armed right-wing militia groups. These groups are still active, gaining members online, and honing their combat skills in training camps. The Georgia Security Force, which is part of the 3 Percent Militia Movement, is one of the nation’s largest armed right-wing groups. They believe only 3 percent of colonial Americans fought the Revolutionary War, yet were able to overthrow British rule. Historians say the number of male colonists who fought in the conflict, closer to 25 percent. According to the Anti-Defamation League, more than 10,000 people identify as 3 Percenters. They have a presence in nearly every state. Their ideology? A mix of anti-government conspiracy theories. In the last year, the FBI has disrupted major planned attacks against Muslims by men affiliated with militias. The FBI is the lead agency in these kinds of investigations. Militias have long been active in the U.S., but they have been recently energized by two key events: last year’s occupation of an outside wildlife refuge in Oregon by anti-government activist Ammon Bundy, and the 2014 standoff in Nevada, where Bundy’s father, backed by militiamen, squared off with federal officials over grazing rights on public lands. Despite the FBI’s recent arrests, experts say federal law enforcement isn’t doing enough. Daryl Johnson and J.J. MacNab say that militias have successfully recruited police and active military personnel. "We have a lot of returning veterans, military members who have fought in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and they bring that mentality with them, that training that they had in the military, that kind of desensitized, dehumanized Muslims in these war zones and in these conflicts," said Johnson. "And so, when they come home, a lot of them carry that sentiment with them, and it reflects itself in the modern-day militia today," View More>>

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