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Welcome to DT Analytics

DT Analytics aims to counter domestic terrorism and American extremist movements through raising public awareness, professional consultation, training, public speaking, and authoritative testimony. Daryl Johnson, one of the foremost experts in the country on these topics, is the owner of DT Analytics. He eagerly awaits opportunities to share his knowledge, skills, and expertise with you or your organization. Daryl welcomes your requests for his services, so please reach out and share your needs.

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About DT Analytics

DT Analytics was created in September 2010 to provide increased visibility, quality analysis, and expert consultation on domestic extremist activity within the United States. The company's name is derived from its primary purpose, to analyze the forces and factors that influence domestic terrorist (DT) activity. We hope to educate everyone about the possible dangers and potential threats related to this current and very relevant subject.

DT Analytics' mission is to "collect, report and share" information. This means utilizing publicly available sources to provide and report credible, accurate, and timely information to government and security professionals, private corporations, academia, non-profit organizations and the general public.

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DT Analytics Services

DT Analytics offers a variety of services including public speaking, panel discussions, training, freelance writing, consulting, expert court testimony, and media interviews about domestic terrorism.

DT Analytics has provided a wide array of engagements for law enforcement, homeland security professionals, civic organizations, academia, faith-based communities, among other groups, on a variety of topics related to domestic terrorism and American extremism. Speaking engagements and training sessions are limited and handled on a case by case basis.


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Media Interviews

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